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Thanks to and for supporting my lifting career!

Sorry for the absence. I will write more about what I’ve been up to and my trip to EXOS in the coming days but I had a great time and it went very well.

I’m going to update my week 3/3 (almost 2 weeks ago) in this post and I have to say the last 3 weeks have been a great success. The week I was out of town I took completely off…

To recap:

Week 3, day 2 – bench training Week 1 -triples,
last week was doubles, so this final week of the 3-week wave – singles. I have been starting with floor press, then going to equipped bench in my SDP as I really work on dialing in the details I’ve missed over the years. Check out how it went:

Normal warm-up as outlined in 10/20/Life (customized for my day to day needs)

The goal for the day was to wrap up my training and push to an RPE of 7-8 at the very most.

Floor press: single – RPE 7

Equipped bench single RPE 7- 2/3 boards (working in new shirt, and experimenting)
455×1 – 4bd
555×1 – 3bd
645×1 – 3bd
690×1 – 2bd

Incline DB press: 4×10
Grenade Skulls: 4×10
Side lateral: 4×10
Bench dip: 4×10
Stir the pot: 50

Great day to wrap up this min-cycle. Everything felt light, though I pushed my deload back a week due to travel. I love training offseason as it allows a little more flex in training and in life.

I’ll update here soon on what my next 3 weeks will consist of. Right now, I can only afford to plan about 3 weeks at a time due to many other obligations. I’m thankful for the time I have right now to train even somewhat consistent.

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Brian Carroll
Brian has been a competitive powerlifter since 1999 when he broke into the sport with bench-only competitions. In 2004, within a year of his first full power meet, he finished second at the WPC Worlds in the open class as a junior – totaling 2000 pounds. Since then, Brian has recorded numerous top-two finishes including the XPC Finals, WPC Worlds, WPO Finals, APF Seniors and the IPA & SPF Pro-Am. Currently, Brian works full-time from 10/20/Life HQ and runs, and of course - home of some of the strongest and most diverse athletes you'll find anywhere. Brian is one of only a select few to ever hold a pro total in 3 different weight classes. He’s also one of only a handful of lifters to ever be ranked in the top 10 in 3 classes at the same time. He currently lifts at 242 and is currently ranked 1st in the world for his total of 2610. His current goal is to achieve a number 1 all-time total & squat in the 242 class and is coming off an overall win at the 2015 Arnold XPC Finals via 1065, 765, 780 - 2610tot. Best official lifts: 220 – 1030 Squat, 633 Bench, 755 Dead – 2375 TOT –10th alltime 242 – 1100 Squat, 785 Bench, 780 Dead – 2640 TOT — 2nd alltime 275 – 1185 Squat, 785 Bench, 800 Dead – 2730 TOT – 3rd alltime Brian has trained with Team Samson Powerlifiting of Jacksonville, FL for over 11 years now. Team Samson is the home of some of the top lifters in the nation. Mainstay training partners of Team Samson have been Adam Driggers (founder), Tony Garland, Jonathan Byrd and Clint Smith. Newer recruits are Keith Price, Filipe Gusmao, and Conrad Dove. They train in Adam Driggers’ Gym, which is made up of the best powerlifting equipment around, enabling them to train at the highest level possible. Brian is available for seminars, consults, programming, coaching, diet and supplement guidance. Contact him directly via email: