North America’s Strongest Woman: 5th Place.

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North America’s Strongest Woman, May 21.

Overhead Medley: 180 axle, 120 circus DB, 200 axle, 220 log

The 180 axle went up nicely, and I thought there was a good chance that I would get hung up on the circus dumbell, but it popped up really easily. Huge win for me. That DB was easier to handle than mine and I’ve been doing a lot of corrective work on my shoulder movement, and it all came together for that one implement. The shocker was missing the 200 axle. I expected myself to pull that off no problem. Nope!

My #overhead medley. Going into this comp I knew I would be coming out of this first event near the bottom of the pack and would have to spend the day hiking up as high as I could. I only got the first two implements, but I was surprised when the dumbell popped up so easily. My overhead is down a bit right now and I haven't come close to 120 in training this year, so this was a nice takeaway for me to hit a 10lb PR. Huge thank you to @adamjrobo for working with me when I all of the sudden decided that I needed an assessment and corrective exercises specifically from him two weeks out 😂. I guess you can accomplish a fair bit in two weeks! 🙃 #circusDB #axle #press #strongman #teamPRS #powerrackstrength #INZER #Xpera #1020life

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Tire: 600lb for 6o feet

I did pretty well here until I decided to mess up my hand positioning on what I think was the second last flip, little costly mistakes add up! for those two weird flips, I lost a solid 10 seconds here and probably a few placings on this event. This was the same tire I screwed up at Canadians, and I did a lot better with it this time around. I don’t see any glaring weaknesses on this event, just need to be deliberate with every single second and do it correctly.

Wheel Barrow: last woman standing

Besides yoke, this has been my worst event at these Regina shows. I have pretty solid grip, but I haven’t been able to figure out hip positioning on this until now. This was one of my best events on that day, so it’s nice to see that I’ve brought up another weakness and been focusing on the right aspects of my game. I made it through the first run and almost the second run. I was called for having it touch the ground while I was walking. I didn’t feel any catch at all and watched the video later and still don’t see it. I was pissed for about 5 seconds and moved forward. We have to let the judges do their job and it doesn’t matter if we agree with it or not.

Farmers: 230lb per hand

This was the biggest screw up of my day. I did the 230 run a few times leading up to this comp and not once did I mess it up or drop them. My grip didn’t give, but my hips and core did. I was like a walking wet noodle out there haha. I learned that my core is weak right now and my bracing is inconsistent on moving events these days. I know what to fix and how, so that’s good. Moving events are the hardest to get back when coming back from powerlifting.

Deadlift: last woman standing

This was a 15″ pull. Coincidentally this is my weak point and always where I get stuck. This is good though, as I really needed to work on pulls at that range for my actual deadlift. we had what I think was a 4-way tie for third place with a 606lb pull. Lots of fun, lots of blood (sorry to those who had to clean up after me), my DNA is all over that place haaahaa.

Took 5th place yesterday at North Americas Strongest Woman. I ended up placing higher than I had expected on this one and earned my pro status, which was my main goal for this show. Mistakes, PR's and vids to follow in my log soon. 🔹 🔹 Congrats to the top 3 ladies for earning their tickets to WSW @strongwoman_brittenycornelius @bieraday and to @strongwoman_kimmylawrance on ANOTHER win! Huge thank you to @steve_halladay @mettleptc @denislabreche the sport of #strongwoman would be almost non existent in Canada without your efforts. This show was so much fun and was organized so well. It was quite the production and we were treated like pro's. Thank you to @ramusclepower for the cash prizes, all of the volunteers and everyone who made this event possible. 🔹 🔹 Here's my blood bathed, out of position, pitched forward 606lb single ply pull from 15". #teamPRS #powerrackstrength #INZER #Xpera #strongman #deadlift #bloodbath #leakyfaucet #doesanyonehaveatampon #therewillbeblood #thighgap

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Stone Run: 5 stones up to 280lb

This run was slow. I took third in this event and that’s pretty terrible for me. Not only was I slow, but I wasn’t getting full extension, wasn’t on my toes at all. Should be an easy fix. Back to light speed stones for awhile for me.


The show was well run and the prize money was nice for a change! I was really happy to have the opportunity to compete with these women and to hold my own in an open field with no weight classes. I went into it feeling pretty relaxed, with nothing to prove. I wanted to earn my pro card (achieved) and to take a stab at top 3 to qualify for WSW, but I really didn’t expect to be caught up to a top 3 spot by that point. I’m pretty happy with my placing considering my performance wasn’t fantastic. It’s too bad we lost at least three top level girls for this comp during the training cycle due to injury, but that’s the nature of the sport. Thanks to Mettle for putting on the first North Americans Strongest Woman and for making a nice and heavy show. I wish more shows were this heavy! Congrats to Kimmi on another win! Awesome to see the smallest girl in the comp come out on top, love it!

Thank you to everyone who supports me and has helped me and to Norse Fitness for sponsoring me right after this show! 


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Allison Lockhart

Allison Lockhart

Allison is an accomplished multi-discipline strength athlete. She has been coached and mentored by Brian Carroll and used the 10/20/Life principles since 2012. She is a pro-level multi-ply powerlifter at 181 and has also totaled elite in two different weight classes, both raw and equipped. Her best lifts are 556, 347, 501; 1405lb total @ 181. Additionally, in 2014, she has taken on strongman, winning Canada’s Strongest Women three years in a row. She continues to compete in both strongman and powerlifting, with equipped powerlifting being her main priority.