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I am currently preparing for my next meet that takes place on August 6th in Cincinnati, OH. I’m really looking forward to getting back in the platform since it has been since November that last competed.

I did all my normal warm ups with McGill big 3 exercises, broke a sweat (which didn’t take long with the weather we’ve been having and our AC is out), and did some goblet squats.

Today was a form day/deload where I worked in my INZER predator briefs only.

Squats at 260 for some easy singles. I ended up doing 8 sets instead of the typical 5. For deadlifts we loaded 185 on the bar and pulled against some bands for singles. Weight was a little heavier at the top but nothing too taxing. Here is my last set:

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy for me. I started working a second job with a friend that needed help and we have some pretty big medical bills coming up that we need to save up for, so between the gym and the painting job I’m working about 55 hours a week. Physically I feel fine, but I’m struggling a bit with keeping up with some facets of life. It will get better.

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Sabrina Schutter

Sabrina Schutter

Sabrina is owner/operator of Catalyst Training Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health-Fitness Instruction and has been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Sabrina started her Powerlifting journey in early 2012 when she began her internship at Endurance Fitness Center and was introduced to the sport. Her first full meet was at the Detroit Barbell Relentless meet in November 2012 where she totaled 960 pounds, which was an Elite total and placed her in the raw top 20 all time for the 181 pound weight class. Since then Sabrina has done nothing but win, most recently n 2016 taking 2nd place at Laura Phelps' Cincinnati Women's Pro-Am totaling 1125 raw and 1st place at Relentless Detroit totaling 1443 both in the 198 weight class. Best Raw lifts: Squat - 410 Bench - 240 Deadlift - 501.5 Best Equipped lifts: Squat - 551 Bench - 352 Deadlift - 540
Sabrina Schutter

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