Sabrina Schutter – Weeks 8/9

Sabrina Schutter – Weeks 8/9

Little behind on my log post as we were traveling all last weekend to Louisiana. Trip didn’t turn out exactly how we planned, but we at least got to see a couple states I’ve never been to and even checked out NOLA for a day. To be honest, nothing special about that place. Tons of terrible drivers, smelly swamps, and racism like I’ve never experienced before. Got the opportunity to see a few historical markers, check out Bourbon Street, and get a famous creole meal.

(The remains of what used to be the General Beaugard statue in New Orleans, taken down by Black Lives Matter extremists in early 2017)

(How the statue appeared until April 2017)

The only training I did this past weekend was on Sunday evening when we got back. We didn’t feel like going to the gym at all but we both knew after sitting in the car for over 2000 miles, we needed to move. So we stopped in for an hour or so and it looked like this:

10 min walking on treadmill
Big 3 a couple rounds
Kettle bell swings 5×20
Belt squats 3×10, 1×20

The training log post I missed sharing over the weekend was from week 8, November 3 & 5. This was the heaviest session I have had and i felt spot on with my numbers. My real goal this meet is to get the last meet off my back and get a good bench in while making sure I get a pro total.

Warm ups: Big 3, Goblets, Treadmill
Squat – warm up to:
525 for 2×1
555 for 1×1

Deadlift – warm up to:
465 for 2×1
505 for 1×1

3×3 @ 385 & 1×5 @ 405 DL briefs

Band stretches, big 3, tricep extensions, lots of reps bar only.

I put a shirt that was way to big on me (2 shirt sizes bigger) and worked up to 285 for singles for a touch. This was to help get some confidence back and some touches in, work my groove a little bit. Bench has been extremely stressful for me so this was a step in the right direction.

Bench – warm up to:
305 for 2×1
315 for 2×1
325 for 1×1

This was a little lighter than I would have liked to go, but I spent some time making sure I could repetitively touch an opener.

Because of the extra sets in the original shirt, I didn’t do a lot of accessories. It had already been a long training day.

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Sabrina Schutter

Sabrina Schutter

Sabrina is owner/operator of Catalyst Training Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health-Fitness Instruction and has been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Sabrina started her Powerlifting journey in early 2012 when she began her internship at Endurance Fitness Center and was introduced to the sport. Her first full meet was at the Detroit Barbell Relentless meet in November 2012 where she totaled 960 pounds, which was an Elite total and placed her in the raw top 20 all time for the 181 pound weight class. Since then Sabrina has done nothing but win, most recently n 2016 taking 2nd place at Laura Phelps' Cincinnati Women's Pro-Am totaling 1125 raw and 1st place at Relentless Detroit totaling 1443 both in the 198 weight class. Best Raw lifts: Squat - 410 Bench - 240 Deadlift - 501.5 Best Equipped lifts: Squat - 551 Bench - 352 Deadlift - 540
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