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Currently I am in precontest  mode for a meet that is being held at my home gym in Boynton Beach, Florida. I am 8 weeks out from the meet as of today, and finished off all of my 9 weeks out lifts yesterday. The meet is going to be held at Boynton Barbell Club on Sunday, September 2nd and will be sanctioned by the RPS. I enjoy RPS meets, and pushed to have it at our gym because it is a federation that anyone can participate in. Whether you lift raw, equipped, squat out of a monolift, walk squats out, beginner or advanced; you can participate in a RPS Meet.

Monday Squat and Deadlift Accessory Day:

Birddogs, Side Planks, McGill Curl Ups

Pause Squats 3×10

Pause Squat w/kettlebell and band around knees 3×10

Deadlift Lockouts with broomstick on belt squat machine 3×15

Thursday Squat Day

McGill Big 3

Squats Empty bar x20

145×10, 235×5, 325×2 raw

415×1 briefs, 505×1 briefs

595×1 briefs and wraps

685 2×2 Full Gear. I had a little mishap here on my first double on the second rep where I rushed it into the hole and my knee caved in. Luckily the safety straps were about 2 inches below where I missed the lift, so little harm was done. My shoulder did feel like it was ripped off for about a night or two, but all is well now. Second set of 685×2 was much better, but still sketchy as always.

My girlfriend Lyndsay is in the biggest part of her prep for a meet 3 weeks out, and we both had heavy squat days together. We wrap each other for our sets, and by the time I was done with my squats and wrapping her up for her 425 2×1, 465×1, 505×1 RB I was exhausted and decided to come in the next morning for my pulls.

Friday Morning Deadlift Day

McGill Big 3 warmup, Dynamic Frog Stretch, Clam Shells

135×5, 225×3, 315×2, 405×1 briefs on, 495×1 suit straps down, 585 2×2.

Doubles with 585 on deadlifts felt easy, light, and fast. This is by far my best lift and I’m looking forward to a big pull during prep and a PR at the meet for sure.

Saturday Morning Bench Day

McGill Big 3, shoulder warmups with light band

Empty bar x20, 135×5, 225×3, 275×1, 315×1 Raw

385×5 4board

425×2 to a 2 board. Felt light so I bumped my next set to 445 x2 to a 2 board. Moved even faster.

405×3 CG bench to a 3 board

315×10 CG bench to a 3 board

Incline DB Press, Tricep Pressdowns with band

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Ben Sheard

Ben Sheard started powerlifting at age 13, competing in single ply from 1999-2004 back in his home state of Ohio. He started powerlifting again in 2014 after struggling with substance abuse/addiction for over 10 years. Competing as a raw powerlifter, he achieved an Elite Total at 198 lbs. Best raw lifts at 198 are 611 squat, 352 bench, and a 606 lb deadlift. Recently made a transition to Multi-Ply in 2017. Coached by Brian Carroll using 10/20 Life, he achieved a Pro Total in his most recent meet at 198lbs. Best equipped lifts in a meet are an 804 squat, a weak 463 bench, and a 700lb deadlift. He is a NASM certified PT, but works full time as a Supervisor at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Deerfield Beach, FL. Currently training out of Boynton Barbell Center in Boynton Beach, FL. Ben will be competing next at the XPC Pro Day in Columbus, where he looks to secure a 2,000+ lb total at 198.

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