I like to wear it very tight in the hips and moderately tight in the legs. You have to make sure to  get the legs tight enough that the bar doesn’t snag since the legs are a bit longer than a deadlift suit. I had to do some experimenting to figure out how tight I could wear it in the abdomen and still be able to get to the bar. The tighter you wear the straps, the more pop you will get off the floor. I like pulling in the LUP, but there is definitely a lot of pressure at the bottom of the lift since it’s canvas. I have since switched to Fusion, which I now prefer for deadlifting.

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Dain Soppelsa

Dain comes to the PowerRackStrength Team with many years of competitive experience. He started competing in southwest Michigan in 2001 and has primarily lifted multi-ply since then. He has totaled pro in 3 weight classes; 2304@275, 2435@308 and 2500@SHW. His best lifts include a 1060 squat, 800 bench and 715 deadlift.
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