Andrew Serrano – Offseason Week 6 Deadlifts

Great session today. Everything felt good, and I hit some rep PRs. During my prep for the last meet, the deadlift session was pretty fatiguing, and I only went over 500 a handful of times. Today I was able to work up to 500 for 5 from a 2 inch deficit and it honestly felt pretty easy, the first rep was almost weightless and at the end of the session I really didn’t feel that taxed so my capacity is definitely improving.

The right hip shift I had is almost gone. I’ve been hammering mobility on my right hip flexors and doing extra glute work for the right side. The excess tension in my right quad is almost gone and this is easily the best my deadlifts have ever felt. Pulling from a deficit today felt easier than pulling from the floor the past couple months.


2 Inch Deficit 5×5 RPE 7 3 Top Sets (405,455,500)

Snatch Grip RDL 10x4sets @37.5% (235)

Barbell Rack Row 6x4sets

Chin Ups 4×10

Face Pull /ss Shrugs 4×25

DB Row 3×20

5 min Continuous Suitcase Hold

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Andrew Serrano

Andrew Serrano is a full time trainer, holds a B.S. in exercise science and has worked in almost every facet of the training industry. He is currently competing as a 198lb raw lifter, his meet PRs are 589/391/601. His training is guided by the 10/20/Life philosophy with a focus on sustainable injury free progression.

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