I’m currently 7 weeks out from the Barbell Brigade Open. Paul Oneid has been handling my programming. For the most part things are going pretty well, but I’ve been overthinking the hell  out of my wedge on my deadlift and squat.

One of my biggest compensations has always been ‘open scissoring’ during heavy squats and deadlifts (pelvis dumps forward, rib cage flares, and lower back arches). This has led me to be overly cautious and as you can see in the video I leave too much slack in my erectors and start the pull with a rounded back. My fear of my low back feeling tight hassled me to confuse that sensation with keeping my erectors contracted. This will be a major focus over the next few weeks and hopefully have it locked in by the meet.


  • Warm Up
  • Deadlifts 5×5 75%
  • Paused RDL 4×8 50%
  • Barbell Row 4×5
  • Lat Pulldown 4×10
  • GHR 3×10
  • Facepulls 4×25
  • SA Farmers Walk 250 ft
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Andrew Serrano

Andrew Serrano is a full time trainer, holds a B.S. in exercise science and has worked in almost every facet of the training industry. He is currently competing as a 198lb raw lifter, his meet PRs are 589/391/601. His training is guided by the 10/20/Life philosophy with a focus on sustainable injury free progression.

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