Ben Sheard 6 weeks out Boynton Barbell RPS

Currently I am in contest prep mode for a meet on September 2nd at my home gym of Boynton Barbell Club. This past Saturday marked 6 weeks out from the meet, so I just finished up all of my 7 weeks out lifts. Everything was over 80% in full gear the past week, and I fell a little short of my expectations on my squats and benches.

MONDAY Squat and Deadlift Accessory Day

Birddogs, McGill Crunches, Side Plank Raises, Clam Shells x15 each, Dynamic Frog with Internal Rotation x10 each side, Couch Stretch x45 seconds per side, Lunge with a twist x8, Hip Airplane x 8 each.

Goblet Paused Squat with band around knees : 3×10 @RPE 6

Deadlift lockouts with broomstick on Belt Squat Machine 4×10 @RPE 7

One Leg GM 3×12

Thursday Squat and Deadlift Day

For squats the plan was to take 715 for 2 singles, and a 755 Reverse Band single. Things didn’t quite go as planned. I tweaked my shoulder a little bit 2 weeks back, and I’m having some trouble getting underneath the bar with it. With 715, I came out of the hole pretty strong but ended up finishing way too far forward and couldn’t complete the lift. I took a second single with 715 and had the same exact problem. I’m on somewhat of a timeclock as far as having help in the gym goes, so I just moved forward and cleaned it up on my reverse band single. I wasn’t happy at all, especially since I am forfeiting my squats next week for my girlfriends meet in Daytona.

I moved on to my deadlifts and took some of my frustrations out on that. I worked up to 2 singles with 620 that were nice and fast, followed by another very good single with 650lbs. I was happy to end the day there with at least a little bit of comfortability that one of my lifts is on track for the meet.

Saturday Bench Day

Bench day called for two singles with 445 to a 2 board and then a single with 475 to a 1 board. My shoulder still feels like garbage on my warmups, but as soon as the shirt goes on the pain goes away. I tried the 445 in each of my shirts, one is a black 52 SDP and the other a navy blue 54 SDP. I needed to make a decision on which shirt to wear, and I’m gonna roll with my black SDP for the rest of my prep. 475 moved much slower than it has in the past and should move currently, but it was a decent lift.

Next week is a little funky since I am going to be traveling to Daytona with my girlfriend Lyndsay for her meet July 28th. I’m gonna take some deadlifts on Monday, then hold off on my other lifts until I get back. Fitting them in will be a chore, but I’ll be able to make a strong push through the hard part of meet prep.

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Ben Sheard

Ben Sheard started powerlifting at age 13, competing in single ply from 1999-2004 back in his home state of Ohio. He started powerlifting again in 2014 after struggling with substance abuse/addiction for over 10 years. Competing as a raw powerlifter, he achieved an Elite Total at 198 lbs. Best raw lifts at 198 are 611 squat, 352 bench, and a 606 lb deadlift. Recently made a transition to Multi-Ply in 2017. Coached by Brian Carroll using 10/20 Life, he achieved a Pro Total in his most recent meet at 198lbs. Best equipped lifts in a meet are an 804 squat, a weak 463 bench, and a 700lb deadlift. He is a NASM certified PT, but works full time as a Supervisor at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Deerfield Beach, FL. Currently training out of Boynton Barbell Center in Boynton Beach, FL. Ben will be competing next at the XPC Pro Day in Columbus, where he looks to secure a 2,000+ lb total at 198.

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