By: Brian Carroll Our Passion We all know that our families are proud of us, and really like to see us be successful (most of the time some can be bastards, I know this and...

By: Brian Carroll Question 1: When to add in LIFT commands on squat, bench and deadlift? Question 2: Do McGill pull-ups build muscle too? Question 3: How to overcome mental barriers? Question 1: How to keep the knees from shooting...

By: Brian Carroll 1. You'll learn how to customize and design your own workout programs based on what YOU need as an individual. This is done by matching your weak points to the EXACT...

By: Brian Carroll Starting 10/20/Life & Coming Off A Back Injury: 10/20/Life & Equipped Lifting - When To Add It In: Shoulder & Elbow Pain On The Squat - What To Do: Get The 10/20/Life Ebook HERE!    ...

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