Brandon Crabill – Back in Gear…Well not yet, calm down.

Continuing to take care of some injuries and prep for a race in January.

Listen…Dresden Dolls were on RoadRunner, so let that settle in.  One of the best damn shows I’ve ever seen.


Last week was a much-needed deload.  This week’s main work was again at 75%.

Sets of 3×3 @75% for the big 3.  **More on Squats Below**

Warm up:

STP 20 each way paired with McGill Curl Ups 5×3 sec ea side – 3 rounds

Band Walks in every way imaginable for a lot of reps 3 sets

TKE’s 2×20 ea

Then ready to go…trust me, it was plenty.

Included some solid conditioning this time with tall kneeling chest pass to slam.

16lbs ball sets of 15, 20, etc until my training partner was pissed off.  Then switched to Side Tosses to the wall for probably another 100 reps.  About 15 mins of awful, but fun.


** Ok, so my knee was/is jacked.  It’s improving immensely with the extra warm-up work and targeted rehab.  Lateral stability has been garbage and PAINFUL.  Connect the dots, I’m sure you can figure it out.  That aside, I chose to try to find a way to deal with it and be patient.  It is paying off.  Squats have been switched to tempo squats, and I like the pause as at least I can pretend I’m doing something.

I obviously deviated a bit from the program with pulls, but that was my reward for the day.  My shoulder is sketchy, my knee is unhappy, so I’m being meticulous with the plan there.  If a little extra is there for the pulls and I get it out of my system?  I’m going to take it.  It’s ok to still find ways to have fun when everything else is frustrating.  As long as it’s not going overboard, don’t make everything miserable.

Bottom line, I see light.  Things are not the same for me as 2 years ago, but honestly…nothing in my life is.  Everything is different, everything has changed.  New challenges, new realities, and new responsibilities are spread throughout my day to day.  I’m not going crazy yet with the slow progress, but that’s because I can see why I am doing what I am.  That helps, without a plan, there’s no way I could handle the adjustments I’ve had to make in training and lifestyle.  Fuck…I’d damn near say I’m actually optimistic.

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Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill is a proud bearer of the mark of the beast, completing the 666 Challenge unleashed an unholy torrent. Initially, the focus was on power and speed, but as time went along things shifted to further extremes. Brandon would go on to total Pro and Elite in multiple weight classes both geared and raw, all while knocking out marathons and ultras. In one 6 month period he would total 2150 equipped, 1705 raw, and run a 100K trail race with a top placing, all in a race that saw over half the field DNF. The stats are legit, the stories are real, and the lessons have come with a price.
Brandon Crabill

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