Brandon Crabill – Big Kids Table? Slow Down Buddy…

Lifting weights, doing some cardio, getting somewhere?

So the eat shit week has arrived.  Which is good because I’m getting tired of playing the role of a washed-up hack.  Nothing crazy, just progress.  I’ll be taking a deload at the close of the week and then coming back again shortly after.  Briefly eclipsed 220 for like 3 hours.  Checked the scale again today…215.  Idk what’s going on there, the body is fighting the weight gain.  But as we all know…a determined effort will fix that lol.

Haven’t hit this week’s bench yet but here’s some work from last week.  Snuck a little of my accessories in the vid at the end.

Main day is a top end set of two

then some working percentage work.


Normally the same would apply for deads but this week is different.  Instead of a top 2, I took a top end rep set.  Followed by…you guessed it! Some percentage work.  It’s not uber sexy but it’s not supposed to be.

My accessory day is a pairing of chest and back.  Usually a slight deviation of the main compound move and then into some isolation work.  The one thing I have been doing that seems to be working really well is alternating between a vertical vs horizontal focus on the back work.  I don’t completely ignore either one, but given the specific focus of that week, it is a higher intensity on the chosen plane.

Cardio has been really tame thus far, I’m building it slowly but trying to do so in a way that doesn’t bring about pissing off the knee. Slow and steady is paying dividends and I’m going to keep working it!

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Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill is a proud bearer of the mark of the beast, completing the 666 Challenge unleashed an unholy torrent. Initially, the focus was on power and speed, but as time went along things shifted to further extremes. Brandon would go on to total Pro and Elite in multiple weight classes both geared and raw, all while knocking out marathons and ultras. In one 6 month period he would total 2150 equipped, 1705 raw, and run a 100K trail race with a top placing, all in a race that saw over half the field DNF. The stats are legit, the stories are real, and the lessons have come with a price.
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