Brandon Crabill – The Road Forward

Still putting the pieces together for a mid-January race.  But wait…there’s more!

Just coming off a deload and back into some programmed sets.  I’ll lay that out then come back with some more to the story for those of you interested.


Deads up to ~75%

Deficit pulls at 60% 5×3

Rep set 60% x10



Bench ~75% 2×2

Work sets 5×3 60%

Rep Set 60% x10


Tuesday:  Back and Chest accessories

A1)  Cable Cross 3×20

A2) TRX Rows 3×20

B1) Incline DB Fly 4×8

B2) CSR 4×10-12

C1) Pendlay Row 4×8

C2) DB Bench 4×8



So some things have changed in my setup.  I am stupid busy, I generally have about a 30-45 min window to get training done.  The bonus is that I can get that time in almost any day.  The simple solution is to do my big days as those sets and move on.  Come back for another day to hit accessories.  Thus far it is working beautifully.

The next part, I got after it last week running and my knee swelled and was pissed.  So…it’s still not the time to go crazy.  Same applies to the squat.  I have to be patient and honor what my body is giving me right now.  Because it really is getting better and I can either take those steps forward or implode and fuck it all up.  I’d rather skip that.  Did that for about a year, sucks, no thanks.  As long as I can log some consistent mileage starting in November, I’m not too concerned.  There are definitely ways to keep conditioning on point in the interim.

The final part, outside of the meniscus issues, my shoulder is not great.  If anyone has ever seen what my bench stroke looked like versus its current form…boy is it different.  It’s like when you go back to raw pressing after spending a long long cycle in a shirt.  That bottom 1-2″ is like a black hole.  I just switched to a tripod to try to shorten the range and see if that helps with stability at all.  My only other option is to go under the knife and I think I can make this work.  It pretty quickly brought control all the way to the chest and gave me a lot of hope.  It’s going to take some time to adjust and I don’t know that it works as well as what I was used to, but it is absolutely worth a shot.

That’s really it in a nutshell, finding ways to do what I can and improve.  There’s light, it isn’t a spotlight, but it isn’t a fucking train either, so it’s progress.

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Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill is a proud bearer of the mark of the beast, completing the 666 Challenge unleashed an unholy torrent. Initially, the focus was on power and speed, but as time went along things shifted to further extremes. Brandon would go on to total Pro and Elite in multiple weight classes both geared and raw, all while knocking out marathons and ultras. In one 6 month period he would total 2150 equipped, 1705 raw, and run a 100K trail race with a top placing, all in a race that saw over half the field DNF. The stats are legit, the stories are real, and the lessons have come with a price.
Brandon Crabill

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