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Back at it and fixing some issues.  The plan is a race sometime in January, but until then it’s getting things back in order and healthy.

Working some basic percentages while figuring out some knee issues. Worked out some options talking to Paul, and now have some solid ideas to approach getting healthy again.  It’s going to take some time and patience but anything is better than continuing to ride the pine.

It’s very straightforward for my main day.

Lower Specific Warm Up/Rehab (more on this later)

Either McGill Curl Ups, Bird Dogs, STP, Planks, Carries, or some combination of them.  I spend about 5-10 minutes.  I vary the reps and holds as well.  I think that’s a fun part in keeping it so focused on what works, you really can’t go wrong, and it allows flexibility and variety.

2×3 @ 75% for each of the big 3 and then out to do some conditioning.

I’d spent about 3 hours quasi-hiking the day before so it was just the main work and out.  I was exhausted from work and the previous day’s adventure.  That’s the key point this time around, being honest with myself and letting recovery happen.  My general stress load is pretty high.  I’m not bitching, but given how many things are going on at the same time in my life…sometimes you’ve just gotta get the main stuff done and gtfo of the gym.



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Brandon Crabill

Brandon Crabill is a proud bearer of the mark of the beast, completing the 666 Challenge unleashed an unholy torrent. Initially, the focus was on power and speed, but as time went along things shifted to further extremes. Brandon would go on to total Pro and Elite in multiple weight classes both geared and raw, all while knocking out marathons and ultras. In one 6 month period he would total 2150 equipped, 1705 raw, and run a 100K trail race with a top placing, all in a race that saw over half the field DNF. The stats are legit, the stories are real, and the lessons have come with a price.
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