Byrd Week 2 Offseason

So we are about 17 weeks out currently from the XPC finals at the Arnold. In some aspects that is a long time, but really it’s not far off. I am currently in week 2 of my offseason where I have a few things I have to get accomplished. The first is to get healthy! My body is feeling pretty good overall, but I still need to keep working on this hip/quad issue. The next and nearly as important thing I need to accomplish is to gain some damn weight! My last meet I was 262lbs, and that is way too light to lift at 275. The current goal is to get to 290lbs and make the cut to 275.

Right now the offseason plan is mostly some light raw singles on the bench. I would love to be able to do some more reps right now, but my pec just does not allow me to keep my form tight for multiple reps. The risk of injury is not worth the pay off. With that I do high rep ranges and lots of sets on dumbbell press. This has paid off well in the past, and I am counting on it once again.
Squat plan is pretty simple, get healthy! Equipped really doesn’t seem to bother me much, but raw work does. I have to find a way to get enough work in raw, and add some size to my legs. I will be doing a lot of direct leg work, and working on my form. I have to keep my focus on opening up and keeping my upper back tighter.

Deadlift is pretty simple, get some work in. I have gone back to giving my deads its own day. I pull sumo, but for the offseason I will be pulling conventional. My upper back always seems to fall behind the rest of my body, so there will be a big focus on that. I will pull from various heights, and follow that up with rows and direct work.

This weeks bench looked like this.
5×8 incline dumbbell press vs band
3×10 band fly
3×20 band push downs
3×10 bench dips

3×8 kb swings
3×8 lat pull down
So far so good, looking forward to adding some size and lifting at the XPC.

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Jonathan Byrd

Jonathan Byrd is a competitive powerlifter, with over 16 years of training experience. Byrd has been ranked nationally for the past 6 years under multiple categories. His total has ranked as high as second nationally in the 275 class. He currently has a best total of 2500lbs. Best individual lifts include a 1040lb squat, a 750lb bench press, and 735lb deadlift. His 1040lb squat ranks him 26th all-time squats at the 308 class. Jonathan currently trains out of Team Samson Gym in Jacksonville, FL. Before powerlifting Jonathan was a college athlete at Methodist University as both an all-conference football player and track athlete. Following graduation he played four years of arena football in various leagues.
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