Catalyst Training Center Athletes – RPS/USS Comp Weekend

It was a big weekend for the Catalyst Family in powerlifting and strongman competitions. I was in Columbus, OH with three of my athletes at the Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic and I also had one athlete in St. Louis, MO competing at USS Worlds. Since I didn’t do any training myself this weekend, I wanted to share how they did.




Elizabeth Carpenter, 22

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-9-30-37-pmMiddle Weight (165lb)

USS Strongman Worlds


I have been working with Liz on her training for this event specifically because of the max DL event that would be held on Friday night. This is one of Liz’s hardest events so I have had the opportunity to work directly with her on this. I set her up with a program that followed 10/20/Life protocols and would make her stronger and ready for this event. The rest of her program was designed specifically for her events and then we discussed and came to an agreement on her actual event training. I love working with Liz because she is an extremely gifted athlete and she responds so well and quickly to instruction. Her events on Saturday (day 2) included; Viking Press, Farmers Walk, Keg Medley, and Atlas Stone Series. Overall Liz did excellent, taking 5th place out of 13 in her weight division. I am very proud of her and I am so excited to start her training for her powerlifting meet in January!



Amber Jackson, 31

181 lb. Equipped Powerlifting

Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic



I have been working with Amber for several years now, but this weekend was her very first equipped powerlifting meet. It was very exciting for her as it was for me and I couldn’t wait to help handle her. Amber follows 10/20/Life protocols and uses Inzer Advance Designs gear and boy did it show while she was on the platform this weekend. Amber just started trying gear earlier this summer and she was able to finish the meet with a 1,010 total complete with a 435 squat, 225 bench, and 350 deadlift. I seriously cannot wait to see what Amber does in her next meet. I see an elite total in her near future and a trip to the Arnold Classic, which is what her next big goal is.


Jay Carr, 32

275 lb Equipped Powerlifting

Lexen Xtreme Fall Classicscreen-shot-2016-11-01-at-9-40-56-pm


I have to give some major props to this guy for stepping into powerlifting this year and jumping right into geared lifting. Jay has been lifting for a while but he never really had any proper instruction on form and has had some major problems to fix. Not only this, but Jay’s work schedule was not an ideal one to work with and getting training in wasn’t the easiest thing to do either, especially on such little to no sleep most of the time. Jay approached this weekend not really knowing what to expect and quite frankly left a lot on the platform knowing what he is really capable of. I cannot wait to see what he brings to the table in his next meets because he is going to be an absolute beast and I can’t wait to see him unleash it! Jay totaled 1465 with a 505 squat, 400 bench, and a HUGE PR deadlift of 560.




Kristy Haas, 44

SHW Raw Bench Only

Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic


I am so proud of this woman. Seriously. She may not have had the day that she was hoping for, but what she did get out of this day was more than just a number. Kristy faced this huge fear of getting on the platform and finally after years of training and dealing with injury after sickness after schedule discrepancy, and benched! She has been part of this sport for years now, travelling to every single one of my meets from Michigan to Ohio and Florida and has been one of my absolute biggest fans. Today, though, I got to be her biggest fan and see her bench on the platform in front of a ton of people and damn it, she got a trophy for it too! 155 lbs was her best bench for the day and I can’t wait to eventually see her come back to the sport and do a full meet and get much more.


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Sabrina Schutter

Sabrina is owner/operator of Catalyst Training Center in Grand Rapids, MI. She graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2011 with a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Health-Fitness Instruction and has been working as a personal trainer since 2010. Sabrina started her Powerlifting journey in early 2012 when she began her internship at Endurance Fitness Center and was introduced to the sport. Her first full meet was at the Detroit Barbell Relentless meet in November 2012 where she totaled 960 pounds, which was an Elite total and placed her in the raw top 20 all time for the 181 pound weight class. Since then Sabrina has done nothing but win, most recently n 2016 taking 2nd place at Laura Phelps' Cincinnati Women's Pro-Am totaling 1125 raw and 1st place at Relentless Detroit totaling 1443 both in the 198 weight class. Best Raw lifts: Squat - 410 Bench - 240 Deadlift - 501.5 Best Equipped lifts: Squat - 551 Bench - 352 Deadlift - 540
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