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I recently lifted at the Arnold Classic XPC meet where I totaled 1955, benched 500 raw and pulled a PR deadlift. Off season training has started after a nice long deload. I’m going back to what has worked the absolute best for me, having Brian Carroll handle writing my programming.


Been a very busy couple of weeks. This post is for last week’s training.


  • Squat- 70% 4 x 2, Full Gear

Working on technique in full gear, using a projected training max of 925. So this works out to about 650 pounds.

First couple sets were rough but I got it close to right for the last one.

  • Deads- 70% 4 x 2, Full Gear

Same idea here with a training max of 725. 500 pounds here for technical work. This was easy, I have generally figured out how to pull in my suit.

  • Assistance Work
    • Raw Pause Squats
    • Rolling Planks
    • One leg GM


  • Bench- 70% to a 3 board for 4 doubles

Again, same idea. Working on technique in full gear. Using a training max of 650, this came out to 455. I had my sleeves tightened and could definitely feel a difference. Still not super tight but considerably better support. I think this is a good spot for the shirt for me. Tight enough to be worth it, but not so gangster that a newbie like me can’t figure it out.

  • Bench- 75% for singles closer to touch

I interpreted this as bring the bar as low as you can without dumping it. Really pleased with this. Good progress I think and I kept the bar out of my teeth. That’s a win!

  • Assistance Work
    • Close Grip to boards
    • Band Ply
    • Stir the pot
    • Incline DB

Past Two Weeks

Lots of business travel the past two weeks has made life interestingly busy.

Washington D.C.

Two weeks ago, I was in D.C. for a few days visiting with a physician and a University researcher. We are partnering with a university to do some material science research that is way outside of our internal team’s competency. We met up in D.C. to meet with a surgeon, watch some cases and talk about the goals of the research. It was a very productive couple days in which I spent most of my time completely mind blown trying to keep up with Dr. Science Guy. Really relaxed guy who was great about bringing it down to my level when I needed him to. Also very cool to watch some procedures. I had only seen these procedures performed on cadavers in a lab setting. While that is useful, it doesn’t expose the challenges that physicians face in live operation.

Austin, TX

Last week, I traveled to the Austin area to meet with a design firm that we are contracting to work through the conceptual development of a next generation product. Our team is quite small, with only 3 dedicated people on the team so we contracted this design firm to expand the breadth of the team and be able to properly evaluate more concepts. Much more productive to meet in person and spend the day together to work through questions and see the work that they have done to this point. The next few months will be exciting as we will be entering a prototyping phase, spending lots of time taking ideas from sketches to actual functioning parts and having healthcare providers evaluate our work.

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Daniel Dalenberg

Dan Dalenberg is a pro level raw and equipped powerlifter with elite totals in the 220, 242 and 275 class. Best official raw meet lifts include an 804 squat, 507 bench press, 715 dead lift and 2006 total. Best equipped lifts include an 950 squat, 715 bench, 735 deadlift and 2400 total at 242. Dan has been training under Brian's guidance using the 10/20/Life methodology since late 2010.
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