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I recently lifted in the Lexen Fall Classic in Columbus, Ohio where I totaled 2400 via a 950 squat, 715 bench and 735 deadlift at 242 multi-ply. Next up, I will do a short off-season before starting prep for the 2018 XPC Arnold.

Back to actual training this week!

I feel quite good, some little injuries from the meet healed up and no issues to move forward.


Raw, buffalo bar, RPE 6- 325 x 3 x 5. Keeping it super light, no reason to rush back in.


Raw, block pull, RPE 6- 315, 405 x 3 x 3

Accessory Work

Squat- Buffalo bar, chain, briefs, paused- 325 + 4 sets of chain for 3 x 3

The reason for this one is three fold.

  • I need to work on getting down faster. With light weight and chains, the only way I am getting even close to depth is with speed.
  • I want to work on learning to dip. I don’t want to pause squat 950 pounds in a meet ever again. So starting light to learn.
  • I have a pair of briefs that I haven’t been able to get on, but I am really light right now so wanted to take advantage and break them in some.

Banded Leg Extension- 5 x 12 with 2 doubled mini bands. I’ll have to take a picture of my setup next time, it worked really well!

GHR- 4 x 8, bodyweight

Bodyweight and Dieting

Tucker has been helping with my nutrition since the meet. Really, we aren’t doing anything terribly different than what is normal for me. The two big changes have been much lower fat intake and actually measuring everything. Before I would just kind of guess, but now I’m working to be as accurate as possible, food scale and all. I’m down to just under 230, which is the first time I have been under 230 since I was 21 years old. Not bad! I’ll stay down here through the offseason and then slowly climb once pre-contest training starts later this year/early next year.

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Daniel Dalenberg

Dan Dalenberg is a pro level raw and equipped powerlifter with elite totals in the 220, 242 and 275 class. Best official raw meet lifts include an 804 squat, 507 bench press, 715 dead lift and 2006 total. Best equipped lifts include an 950 squat, 715 bench, 735 deadlift and 2400 total at 242. Dan has been training under Brian's guidance using the 10/20/Life methodology since late 2010.

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