Danny Bellmore – Week 2 Of Off Season Training

This week capped off the second week of 5’s. I am not a huge fan of reps because quite honestly, I plain suck at them. As I previously explained in last week’s log, I adjusted the bench press some. I didn’t feel that the set up I had was working my lock out the way I wanted it to. I lightened up the rev band and adjusted the chains, so they came off the floor quicker. This set up did exactly what I was looking for at the top end of the movement. I’m learning to generate more speed off from my chest and when it slows at the top to grind through to lock out. Both deadlifts and squats felt strong this week.
I am hoping to keep the momentum rolling after this past week being nice and solid. I will be going into a deload week and the plan here is to do more unilateral work and less bar work. I for one look forward to the deloads. This does not mean we do nothing, it means we recharge our minds and bodies.

Bench Press
10 Min Walk
McGill Big 3
Rev Bands w/chains top set of 5 (275×5)
Floor Pin Press close grip 4×6 (350×6)
Seated DB Press 3×10 (55×10)
Kaz Rows 3×10 (50×10)

10 min walk
McGill Big 3
Light belt squats
Deadlift w/monster mini bands top set of 5 (425×5)
Dimmel Deads 4×6 (275×6)
Lat Pulldown 3×12 (160×12)
One Arm Rows/used the belt squat 3×12 (60×12)
T Bar Shrugs 3×12

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Danny Bellmore

Danny has been involved in powerlifting since 1994. The first swing at a career was short lived due to a major back injury in 1999 that resulted in a 3-level spinal (lumbar) fusion. At that point, he took a 10-year break. Avoiding the gym all together because his body, and back, just never felt right. In 2010, Danny went to handle a good friend at a local meet. That experience re-ignited the fire within and he was back under the bar, never looking back. Danny established an elite total at my first meet back in 2010 and then accomplished a win at the 2012 APF Masters Nationals. Through his win at the APF Masters, he was training using the Conjugate Method, but he wanted a change. He needed a change. Danny reached out to a friend who stated that Brian and the Samson Barbell crew had it going on. In the process of connecting with Brian, he has endured a few setbacks. During our initial discussions, he had torn my rotator cuff and labrum, along with a separated AC joint. The surgery did not "take" and just nine months later, he was back under the knife for a "do-over." During the healing process, he had lost feeling and strength in my right arm. Being pig headed, he waited and waited. My choice to remain stubborn backfired, and I was back in the OR for another spinal (cervical) fusion. Now healed, and a few years under Brian, Danny’s total has moved to 1871 @ 165. He doesn’t like to predict or talk about goals, but he wants more, and feels like he has more. Plans now are to compete at the Senior Nationals in Jacksonville, Florida this June.
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