Danny Vega – Powerbuilding Week 6 – Deload OHP, Squat

Over the next several months I will be the Guinea pig for some new ideas on training and diet that I will perfect with the help of Tucker Loken and Brian Carroll. This will be the groundwork for an upcoming ebook that we will release in the near future.


Quick update: this log has been a great tool for me to track what I’ve been doing this past couple of months. This will be extremely helpful when we compile everything into the ebook.

How I feel:

This week in particular I’ve been really hungry, a few dietary adjustments in the first several weeks, along with lower calories overall on deload week, have definitely added up over time. The bad part is that I’ve lost a bit of strength but that’s to be expected. The good part is that my body has made a drastic change in just about 2 months, and I’ve only lost a little over 10lbs. This makes me confident that most of it has been fat loss.

Here’s another tidbit. I’ve been experimenting with some pre-fatigue sets before my work sets on things like bench and ohp. About 20% of my max for about 50 reps. Why? Because I’ve read a few different studies where this has been shown to increase hypertrophy (and my life is all about hypertrophy right now).

Read the abstracts here and here

So catching up, here’s what we did the last two days:

Deload OHP
1. 4 sets of calves as part of warm up
2. DB ohp 20×50 reps, 40×10, 60×5, 70×15,14,11. Those pre fatigue reps catch up to you!
3. Contra lateral raise 2×12 each @25
4. Reverse pec deck 2×20@115
5. JM press 95×35, 2×20@125
6. Bent over rope extensions 2×25
7. Plank 2×75 sec
8. 30 min uphill walk

Deload squats
Looooong warm up including McGill big 3, TKEs, hip circle
1. KB goblet squats supersetted with KB swings 2×10 each @53, 5×10 each @71
2. Santa Monica stairs carrying a sandbag. 3 trips up and down and back
3. 30+ min of sled dragging


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Danny Vega

Danny Vega is a 220lb raw powerlifter with meet bests of 640 squat in wraps (610 raw), 400 bench, and 700 deadlift. A native of Miami, Florida, Vega received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University in 2004, where he was a member of the football team and a three-time Dean’s List recipient. Vega earned his masters of science in human performance from the University of Florida, where he worked with the national championship men’s basketball team along with women’s basketball, tennis, and golf programs. He then went on to become the Strength & Conditioning coordinator for VCU basketball. The Rams were 2007 conference champions and made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament.
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