Danny Vega – Raw United meet prep – Week 5

I am training for the Raw United meet on November 7th in Tampa, FL. I will be competing raw with wraps in the 220 weight class. 

Busy weekend in powerlifting. Things happened. Meets changed. But now it’s Monday. My bills are still due and I still gotta squat.

This morning was my first time in wraps during this meet cycle. Brian wanted me to handle some weight without the wraps before we put them on. This was very beneficial. Today’s top sets were a joke. 

Squat 55, 145, 195, 235, 285, 325, 375, 415, 475 (light wrap) 2 sets of 2@525, 1 set of 2@545

Above parallel pause squat 2sec: 3×5@305,330,330

The goal of this movement is to get stronger at the point where the wraps are no longer helping. They’ve been great.

Piston squat: 3×5@305

I did these on the SSB to save my shoulders after all the squatting I’ve done. I can tell they’re working because my legs are getting thicker.

Backward sled drags: 100 yards

Lying ham curl: 3×15

Birddog: 10x10sec hold – strict

These are back savers. They feel great after a heavy squat workout.

One more thing. I’m about 2 months out and only at 80%. This is one of my favorite aspects about 10/20/life. I see a lot of people training at +90% way too often. They either burn out or get injured. More is not better and heavier is not better. The good news is that I’m seeing more and more people come to realize this and I believe our team has been a big reason why.

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Danny Vega

Danny Vega is a 220lb raw powerlifter with meet bests of 640 squat in wraps (610 raw), 400 bench, and 700 deadlift. A native of Miami, Florida, Vega received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Columbia University in 2004, where he was a member of the football team and a three-time Dean’s List recipient. Vega earned his masters of science in human performance from the University of Florida, where he worked with the national championship men’s basketball team along with women’s basketball, tennis, and golf programs. He then went on to become the Strength & Conditioning coordinator for VCU basketball. The Rams were 2007 conference champions and made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament.
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