Derek Wilcox: Strong(ish) Garagebell Chronicles 5-14-17: Cows and Men in Kilts

 I’m currently in my offseason and rehabbing my shoulders and looking to compete in the fall.

I’m currently in a deload week in training right now as I finished my entire block of 15’s. I never thought doing 10 reps across the board on all exercises would be a relief from volume but it is now. I still feel pretty good considering this is a down week so hopefully the lighter weights for higher volumes are doing what they’re supposed to and helping me develop more muscle and give my joints a break from the heavy loads. I’m looking forward to building off this week and pushing weights to PR levels in a few weeks.

Heavy Lower Day (Warm ups – Empty bar squats with wraps on quads/hams, rotational hip stretches, TFL stretch, bird dogs and shoulder mobility)
– Minimally Equipped Squats –  3×10 315lbs
These flew by really easily and felt good in general  Doesn’t seem too long ago that my peak intensities for 10s were around this weight.

– Stiff Leg (Romanian) Deadlift –3×10 225
This movement fails to make me not sore after I do it even on a down week.  Unbelievable!


– GHR Ham Curls+Sit Ups 3×10 Bodyweight
These felt really good and actually torched my hamstrings pretty hard

Training my calves on upper body day……. *buh dum pssssh*

Heavy Upper Day (Warm ups – Empty bar squats, rotational hip stretches, TFL stretch, bird dogs and shoulder mobility)
– Bench Press –3×10 185lbs
Super easy but actually felt a bit stressful and alien to my shoulders.  Haven’t pressed with a bar since march in an attempt to get my shoulders stronger and healthier.

– Military Press –3×10 95lbs
Shoudlers didn’t like this either but it was more a feeling of knocking off rust than actual damage.

–Chin Ups –2×10 Bodyweight
These were disturbingly difficult for some reason

–DB Rows –3×10 80lbs
Just breezed through these at the end of the session

I had the pleasure of throwing in the Highland games in Maryville Tennessee at the Smoky Mountains Scottish Festival on this weekend. Had a great time throwing with the guys that I rarely get to see and do really make the sport great. If you don’t have good people in any activity in your just doing random things and not having fun. The Highland games as a whole seems to attract very positive and very fun to be around people which make these events honestly the most fun that I could ever have in strength sports. Check out the video for details!

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Derek Wilcox

Derek Wilcox is a multi-faceted strength athlete currently living in Tennessee with his wife, Emily. He is studying at East TN State for Sport Physiology and Performance. He works through Renaissance Periodization as a Nutrition and Training Consultant and has an impressive personal list of strength accomplishments. Strongman since 2009, National Meet Qualifier in Weightlifting in 2009 at 94kg and 105kg. Class A Highland Games Athlete since 2009. Elite PL Totals at 165, 181, 198, and 220. Pro Totals in 181, 198, 220. All time WR Squat at 181 with a 935. Lightest to ever squat 1000 pounds doing it at 194 pounds. His best meet lifts are 1000 squat at 198, 565 bench at 220 and 725 deadlift at 220.
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