Derek Wilcox: Strong(ish) Garagebell Chronicles: SO HARDCORE! Getting Jacked And Pitch Fork Use

On to a new training plan to make a run for another world record squat at the WPO Finals in November.  Planning to do some weightlifting and highland games in the meantime to get healthier and more flexible before going back into meet prep!

So Hardcore! Just kidding I’m lifting lighter weights in a planned periodized way to manage fatigue. This was a very productive week of trading for me. As I talk about in the training video I’m trying to stimulate hypertrophy is much as possible with minimal damage to my joints and minimal fatigue. I talk about generating peak tension in the muscles on the eccentric forces and although the forces are high they are not sustained very long which helps keep the fatigue issue managed for now. That concept certainly save me some recovery time on the upper body days but lower body there was no escaping it. I was feeling good and performing pretty well in general. I was really excited to get to practice some throwing before my first Highland games of the year coming up soon after this. I was certainly very rusty but considering all factors I think it went well. Check out the video for the details!


Upper Heavy Push Day
No Touch Incline Bench press (just barely miss touching chest) 5×10 135
Military Press 5×10 115
Flat Bench Tricep Extension (video) 5×10 150
Lower Body Heavy Day
Deep Squats 5×10 225
Sumo Deadlifts T&G 5×10 275
Heavy Pull Day
Bent Rows 5×10 175
Overhand Lat Pulldowns 5×10 65
Face Pulls 5×10 65
Light Push Day
No Touch Incline Bench press (just barely miss touching chest) 5×10 135
Military Press 5×10 95
Flat Bench Tricep Extension (video) 5×10 95


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Derek Wilcox

Derek Wilcox is a multi-faceted strength athlete currently living in Tennessee with his wife, Emily. He is studying at East TN State for Sport Physiology and Performance. He works through Renaissance Periodization as a Nutrition and Training Consultant and has an impressive personal list of strength accomplishments. Strongman since 2009, National Meet Qualifier in Weightlifting in 2009 at 94kg and 105kg. Class A Highland Games Athlete since 2009. Elite PL Totals at 165, 181, 198, and 220. Pro Totals in 181, 198, 220. All time WR Squat at 181 with a 935. Lightest to ever squat 1000 pounds doing it at 194 pounds. His best meet lifts are 1000 squat at 198, 565 bench at 220 and 725 deadlift at 220.
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