Happy New Year from LCS

Week 1 for everybody.  Meets are over and as of right now, none of us have anything on the immediate horizon.  So… that means lots of raw work.  Lots of speciality bar work and some stupid high volume. (Well, at least for us fat powerlifters, right? Ha!)


Coming off my bomb out, I’ll be sprinkling in a little gear work from time to time to work on some issues while they’re still fresh in my mind.  While primarily raw, since that’s my biggest weakness, there’s a tremendous amount of technique work I’ve got to refine in the gear.


Another change that I’m making for the team during this high volume phase is we’ll be deloading every 4th week instead of every 3rd. Intensity should be relatively low while volume is so high and most guys shouldn’t need the deload as often (unless they’re just being absolute idiots and not sticking to the RPE).

tentwenty snapshot

Brief little snapshot of how I look at the week for the guys.  Depending on where they are, I either rotate accessory work or secondary work.  For the time being, it’ll be the accessory stuff that will rotate.


My training:

Day 1

Wk1: wide bench 6×6 65-70% 

I hate these.  What is it with wide shit?  Wide squats, wide bench, no fun.  And I’m constantly worried about smashing my hands in the rack when I set it back.

A. Rolling tris 7×8

B. Seated Cuban presses 3×10

C1. Lateral raises 4×12

C2. Front raises 4×15

C3 banded pushdowns 4×25



Day 2:

Wk1: narrow stance squat 4×4 rpe7

These felt surprisingly good.  Really been working on lowering the bar position and tightening up my upper back.  Over time we tend to neglect the easy stuff.

A. Ghr 4×8

B. Pull-ups 6×6 weighted 

C. Walking lunges 4×20 steps light load

D. Abs 10 mins


 – Day3:

Wk1: floor press 6×4 rpe7

A. Standing shoulder press. Strictish/push 4×12-10-8-12

B. Rope pull downs 5×10

C. Banded pushdowns x200

D. Db hammer curls 4×12

E. Tate press 3×20


 – Day4:

Wk1: sumo deads vs chains 8×2 50% weight. And add 1 chain per set

A. McGill pull-ups x50 work throughout day

B. Pull downs 4×12

C. Rears Db raises w hold at top 3×12

D. Backward sled drags 100′ x4 rpe7

E. Abs 10mins : not going to lie, ran out of time and didn’t get to this, sorry  🙁


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