Jason Kowalewski – The End of an Off-Season

I recently competed in the RPS Chalk & Iron September 28th where I tied my best total of 1653.4 lbs (squat – 633.8 lbs, bench 435.4 x lbs. deadlift – 584.2 lbs) at a bodyweight of 241.6 lbs vs. 268 lbs.  I’m currently in an off-season with plans to compete at the RPS Central Florida PHG Throwdown May 26th in Orlando, Fl.

This week marks the end of my off-season training block.  I must say it’s been very successful.  Throughout these 10 weeks I’ve continued to improve my squat form by sitting back and keeping my knees out, I’ve also managed to continue touching lower on my chest while generating some leg drive for the bench.  Thankfully my deadlift is moving in the right direction as my complete form revamp appears to be clicking.

Squat / Deadlift – Saturday March 10, 2018

As always the session was kicked off with the McGill Big 3 followed by KB swings then a few sets with an empty bar.  One of my goals this off-eason was taking 500+ lbs in sleeves.  I’ve never really pushed my squat without the use of knee wraps.  This isn’t an impressive milestone in the grand scheme of things but it was something fun to train towards and helped keep things on track mentally.

Squat (bulldog bar)

  • 2 x 5 w/ 155
  • 2 x 4 w/ 245
  • 335 x 3
  • 425 x 2
  • 475 x 1
  • 515 x 1


  • 315 x 3
  • 405 x 2
  • 455 x 1
  • 495 x 1
  • 555 x 1

Farmers Carry – couple trips

Stir the pot – 180


Bench – Monday March 12, 2018

While warming up I felt some discomfort in my left elbow.  I took a few extra sets in hopes I just needed to get some blood flowing however that didn’t help.  I ended up shutting things down at 375 as it moved slow and I knew a heavy single would hurt more than help.  It’s much more important to be healthy for meet prep than to take a heavy single, especially since I’ve got a good idea of where I’m at.

I ended up taking Wednesday and Saturday the 17th off to give my body some solid recovery time.  I had intentions of taking Monday the 19th off however Brian needed to break in a backup Inzer SDP so I offered with the thought I could repeat the previous session. Ha!

Warmups felt solid and a few extra sets were added to play things safe.

  • 2 x 5 w/ 140
  • 2 x 5 w/ 230
  • 2 x 2 w/ 280
  • 320 x 2
  • 370 x 1
  • 420 x 1
  • 2 x 3 w/ 460 (SDP, 5 board)
  • 500 x 3 (4 board)
  • 550 x 2 (4 board)
  • 590 x 1 (3 board)
  • 610 x 1 (3 board)

Shut down until meet prep.[/vc_column_text]

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Jason Kowalewski

Jason Kowalewski is an up and coming raw powerlifter residing in Jacksonville, Florida where he trains with Team Samson. In his younger years he was a “gear head” who built his first drag car before obtaining a driver’s license. Within the last 6 years his primary focus has shifted from motorsports to powerlifting. Jason began training under Brian’s tutelage in February 2013. He was actually one of the initial test subjects, hence the name Lab Rat. Since then he has seen significant improvements on all lifts with his commitment to Brian and the 10/20/Life methodology. To date his best total is 1653.4lbs via 633.8lb squat, 435.4lb bench and 584.9lb deadlift at 242lbs.
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