Ken Whetham: Deadlift-Knee Test

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I decided to test my knee today since it’s been almost six weeks since my injury.  I deadlifted without any pain whatsoever.  I tried a set of light belt squats and I could still feel a tug on the top of my right knee cap when I was close to parallel.

I’ll stick with doing some light limited ROM movements with my knee over the next few weeks and wait until I feel like it’s 100% before doing anything that requires a 90 degree knee bend.

I’m going to assess over the next few weeks whether I want to focus on pulling conventional or continue with sumo.  I feel like I move the bar a lot faster conventional but when I put on any gear, I have issues getting into a good starting position.  Time will tell.

McGill Warm-up

Conventional Deadlift

255 x 5

345 x 5

435 x 5/3/1

Sumo Deadlift

255 x 5

345 x 5

435 x 5/3/1

No knee pain whatsoever deadlifting.


290 x 10

I could feel my knee tugging when I got to parallel so I stopped.  I’m still going to have to take it easy for a while before I can get into any heavy training

Testing My Knee With Some Light Deadlifts

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Ken Whetham

Ken is a full-time Firefighter and Rescue Technician with the Oshawa Fire Department and is a certified Kettlebell Coach and WKC Master Trainer. Ken competed in Kettlebell Sport and won several championships across North America. In 2012, Ken competed in the Firefighter Combat Challenge where he won the Canadian National Championship. Ken trains at his home “Outlaw Powerlifting” gym outside Toronto, Ontario with a team of lifters that train and compete together. Ken is an Elite powerlifter in the 275 and 308 lb weight class and his current best lifts are 940/550/705 and his current goal is to squat 1000 lbs to become one of the few lifters to achieve that goal in their early 50’s.

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