Lab Rat – Pre Contest 1 Week Out

Lab Rat – Pre Contest 1 Week Out

After running a couple blocks of PowerBuilding I decided to compete at the APF Equipped Nationals June 16-18 in my backyard, Jacksonville, FL.  Even though the meet title says equipped I’ll be lifting raw with wraps.

For this contest prep I’ll be running a modified 10/20/Life Pre Contest influenced by the upcoming PowerBuilding book.  Aside from improving my total my other goals include a slight weight loss and better overall health.  Current body weight is sitting around 260lbs.


The work is finished, openers were completed last week.  For the back half of this training cycle my body weight hovered around 260lbs.  To make the cut easier two weeks out carbs for dinner were removed along with 1/4 cup from breakfast and lunch.  All liquids aside water were removed and for those that know me peanut butter was also removed.  This probably accounted for 95% of the calories haha

Bench – Saturday, June 10th

Out of all the lifts technique wise I needed the most critique on my bench.  After talking with the team we decided it was best to work up to my last warm up and hammer home the adjustments we made along with the commands.  After two easy singles with 350lbs I shut it down.

Fluff and Buff – Monday / Wednesday

At this point I’m sitting less than a week out from the meet.  All the heavy lifting is done.  The main purpose of these sessions is to get some blood moving.

  • Couple rounds of the Big3
  • Goblet Squats
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Band leg curl
  • Band pull apart
  • Band fly
  • Band press down
  • Stir the pot

Weigh In – Friday, June 16th

Cutting out some carbs and snacks last week worked great!  I was sitting at 250lbs Sunday June 11th.  The cut was SMOOTH, no cardio, no sauna, no pills, etc.  Coasted right in at 239.9lbs.  Time to Eat!


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Jason Kowalewski

Jason Kowalewski

Jason Kowalewski is an up and coming raw powerlifter residing in Jacksonville, Florida where he trains with Team Samson. In his younger years he was a “gear head” who built his first drag car before obtaining a driver’s license. Within the last 6 years his primary focus has shifted from motorsports to powerlifting. Jason began training under Brian’s tutelage in February 2013. He was actually one of the initial test subjects, hence the name Lab Rat. Since then he has seen significant improvements on all lifts with his commitment to Brian and the 10/20/Life methodology. To date his best total is 1653.4lbs via 633.8lb squat, 435.4lb bench and 584.9lb deadlift at 242lbs.
Jason Kowalewski

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