LCS Offseason Week 2, Session 1

See this guy?! ^^^^^ This is what I’m talking about.  Doing his homework.  I can’t help those that don’t know what’s going on.  I ask you what you did last week and you don’t have an answer… I can’t tell you what to do next.  Brian talks about a baseline.  Being able to make measurable progress off that is imperative.  Some don’t have to keep a log but I think it’s huge for most.  Most of us can’t remember what we did over the weekend, much less 2 or 3 sessions ago and if we’re making progress or not.  Write it down.


Anyway, pretty cool that all of the team is right at the same point for now.  No meets for them or myself in the foreseeable future.  We’re looking at something late spring to early summer.


My training is leaning more towards getting back into the gear a bit next week.  Got some technique issues to work on so looking forward to blowing out some blood vessels soon.


Day 1:

Wk2: close grip 4×4 70-75%

A. Rolling tris 7×8

B. Seated Cuban presses 3×10

C1. Lateral raises 4×12

C2. Front raises 4×15

C3 banded pushdowns 4×25


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