LCS squats and deads April 26th, 6 Weeks Out

Lowcountry Strength has started meet prep for the upcoming RPS Backyard Bash in NC on June 9th.  Lots of different things going on right now.  The team is progressing well through the prep while I’m working with Zane Geeting for my training.  Pretty cool to see quite a few different things happening for all the folks here. 

As always, a big thanks to Inzer Advance Designs and Captain Jacked for their continued support of TeamPRS.

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Training this week has been difficult.  Equipped lifting requires help.  I’ve got a great training group but like is prone to all of us, shit happens.  Sometimes to all of us at once.  This was one of those weeks for my training crew.  I can’t be mad, because it’s part of the game we play and I still got it done.  I’m just glad that at the end of the week, everybody is okay and next week should return to normal.  Very grateful for the guys that were there and those that weren’t because they still put in a ton of time both in their own training as well as helping me.


That being said, training happened but just a little later in the week and bit more condensed.

Squats and Deads:


Squat- full gear- 85%x1

I’ve been dealing with some weird IT band issue that’s made squatting a little more than challenging.  I had to bring my stance in just to manage to get my knees out.  It wasn’t pleasant  Got it done though.

Dead- full gear- 85%x2x2 sets

I love deadlifts.  Always have, always will.  Hook grip has been good to me lately and these sets were feeling good.  I could tell some of the assistance work we’ve been doing has been paying off but I still need to work harder into getting into a better wedge position at my top sets.

Stallion RDL- 5×5 (RPE 6-7)

These things!  Tough, but they get those glutes cranking.

KB swing- 3×10

Wide pulldowns- 5×10

Reverse curls- 5×10

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