LCS Week 10 update

Finished out my first 10 weeks of off season work with Zane.  Lots of good things and lots of things that we’ve hit on that’ll get some work in this next off season prep.


Lowcountry Strength is currently in our off season training.  Lots of different things going on right now.  I’ve moved the group into a higher volume phase while I’m working with Zane Geeting for my training.  Pretty cool to see quite a few different things happening for all the folks here. 

As always, a big thanks to Inzer Advance Designs and Captain Jacked for their continued support of TeamPRS.



Really happy with how the deadlift is rolling along.  Hook grip is amazing and I’m disappointed I wasn’t doing it before now.  Squats have started to feel better and Zane has hit on some things that will really pay off later.

McGill Warmup: bird dogs, planks, McGill crunches

Light squats: hanging chain (3 chains per side)

warmed up to 2 plates and put the briefs on early

3plates w/ chain x2

3.5plates w/ chain x2 x5sets



straps down up to 80% for 3 doubles

Easiest 505 has ever felt


Finished up with GHR, leg ext, RDLs and calf raises.


Moving on to deload and new training plan after this week

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Will Kuenzel is the owner of Lowcountry Strength ( in Charleston, SC. Will started his athletic endeavors as a pole vault; finishing up his collegiate career with a best vault of 16’9” at a whopping 160lbs. He the track and field world to pursue bodybuilding, his first show in 2005, he won 1st place in Men’s Novice as a middle weight. One year later he took 2nd as a Men’s Junior heavy weight. Since 2007 he has been a competitive powerlifter and totaling elite as a 220lber. His best lifts in multiply equipment are a 710lbs squat, a 605lbs bench press, a 615lbs deadlift and a 1930 total. In 2008 Will started Lowcountry Strength out of his garage. Since then it has moved into a 16,000 sq/ft facility and shares space with a mixed martial arts studio. With all disciplines of powerlifting, strongman, MMA, jiu jitsu and other sports in the Charleston area getting trained under one roof, Will heads up the strength and conditioning for a wide variety of athletes and clients.
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