LCS Week 2, Session 2 squat/dead combo

Lowcountry Strength is moving into our off season after coming off a recent meet.  The plan is to find a meet in the later part of the fall or early winter.  I have no desire to get back into the gear while the gym temperature is above 85degrees.  Haha!

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Still really enjoying a squat/dead combo day.  While it’s a tough day, it gives me one more day towards the end of the week to work on some single leg work and prehab stuff that I have been neglecting.  I’m alternating heavy squat/light dead and next week will be light squats/heavy dead.  Still getting in one more lower assistance insures that I’m getting everything covered.



4 sets of 6 at RPE 7



3 sets of 6 at RPE 6 with 60 seconds rest


Short and sweet.  I’ve got a bit longer warm up routine involved on these lower body days so there’s still more work getting in.  I’ve also taken to doing some weighted walks either early morning or post training on these days.  Cardio has been lacking so trying to bring that up.

Getting there with some hip mobility.


Pre-training warm up:

Pigeon pose

Bird dog

McGill Crunch

Kneeling Side plank w/ abduction

tactical frog

Half kneeling adductor stretch


walking lunges

single leg deadlifts

Cossack squats

Hip airplanes

goblet squat with band around the knees


Post training:

crocodile breathing

bird dogs

McGill crunch

Side plank raise

couch stretch

90/90 pails and rails

v-sit hold on the wall

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