Lisa Guggisberg: RPS FL State Championship Meet Write Up – PART II

I recently competed at the RPS Florida State Championship where I totaled 936 at 114 raw. Part 1 of my meet write up can be found here.

After squats I had worked out the nerves and ready to build on my squat PR with a total PR.

My attempts on all lifts were as follows:


I let Todd and Paul Key call my numbers.

  • 165- Good. Flew up and felt super light.
  • 187- good (17lb PR)
  • 198-Missed. I fought it and got stuck in transition. I lost my back and shoulders and didn’t drive the bar back into the rack.  Paul also noted that my set up looked off.  It’s frustrating when you miss a lift due to technique.


  • 365- good
  • 385- good
  • 407- miss

Ended the day with a 936lb total which is a 33lb PR.

Things that I learned at this meet:

  1. I need to re-address my weak points:

Since being in gear a few of my weak points have changed.  My deadlift I used to be weak off the floor, now I am not missing just right below or at the knees and having a problem to get my glutes to fire.   As always I need to learn how to sit back into my squat, (I’ll continue working light squats in wraps to address this). I used to be slow turning the squat around in the hole, I am now weaker in the middle, I backed off quad work and plan on adding it back in. I’ll be adding front squats this offseason.

  1. I am more capable than I think:

I’ll admit that last deadlift I gave up too early.  It was coming and I could have fought it more.  This disappoints me.  Especially when I realized had I pulled it I would’ve gotten the $1,000.00 prize money.

Thank you’s:

Bert and Mindy Underwood for running a great meet despite all the adversity they encountered making this meet that almost didn’t happen due to the hurricane.  Thank you for working so hard to bring a great meet for all the lifters.

My husband- The best training partner and handler I could ever ask for. He laid the foundation and helped build me into the lifter that I am today. Todd is pretty amazing and words will never express how grateful I am for him.  He stayed behind Thursday night to attend our oldest kid’s open house and then got up at 5am on Friday to drive down to Ft. Lauderdale and then handled me all day Saturday as well as helping Jason and Byrd at the meet.

Team Samson- Thank you Adam for letting me train with you guys.  I couldn’t find a more experienced, better group of guys.

Brian Carroll-He has helped me to evolve to the next level as a lifter and been a huge supporter of my goals. Thank you also to Brian for providing Team PRS with the best gear on the market, Inzer Advance Designs which you can check out here. I love my Power compression singlet which I used during squats. I am a huge fan of my Gripper wrist and knee wraps and of course my single prong Forever Belt.

Captain Jacked-Thank you Al and Captain Jacked for providing Team PRS with quality Magnum and Nubreed products to keep me healthy and my diet on track.  Pick up some here.

Paul Key- I attribute my bench PR and new found love of the bench to all of Paul’s help and words of wisdom.

Jason and Byrd-Thank you for babysitting me until Todd could get there and take over handling my constant demands and whining.

Team PRS-Brian has assembled an all-star team that in my opinion has exceptional experience and knowledge above none.  We have a group of top notch quality lifters that are exemplar representatives of this sport. I am always amazed at the support received from the team.

I am not exactly sure what my plans are next.  I do know I plan on a long offseason to address some weak points.  I am contemplating on doing the Woman’s Pro Am in April but still yet undecided if I will be going raw or putting the gear back on.


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A self-proclaimed former high school band nerd turned meathead nerd, Lisa has been coached and mentored by Brian Carroll using 10/20/Life principals for 3 years. She started CrossFiting in 2006 but gave that up after realizing all she wanted to do was squat, bench and deadlift heavy. She now competes as a raw and multi-ply powerlifter in the 114 and 123 weight classes. Lisa has All-Time top 10 totals in both raw and multi-ply in her respective weight classes with a raw pro total of 936 lbs at 114 and a pro 1118 lb multi-ply pro total at 123 and 1090 lb multi-ply total at 114. She is currently ranked the #1 female multi-ply lifter at 123, #2 at 114 multi-ply female and #3 raw with wraps. Lisa has a B.A. in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration, but hates politics and political debates. She is a mom of two, a firefighter wife and has worked as a full time litigation paralegal for almost 20 years.
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