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I am in the thick of a long off-season.  My next meet will be at the end of November, raw with wraps at 220lbs.  For now, my focus remains on my professional endeavors, but I will continue to work diligently to improve as a lifter while enjoying a lower stress approach to training.


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Since backing off training and just taking what the days give me, things have actually been going very well.  I haven’t been stressing about training, enjoying my sessions and consequently, the weights are moving up!  Funny how that works, eh?  My mindset right now is just to focus on moving well and executing the lifts to the best of my ability.  That being said, deload week needed to happen.  On the bench, I am using a strategy I espoused in my “All things Deload – Part 3” where as I simply jump back to week 1 weights.  For the squat and deadlift, I used the strategy of sub-maximal singles to focus on technique.  To keep relative intensity high, I did these on the minute. The week is over and I am ready to clang and bang again!

The deadlift is feeling really strong, especially strength off the floor.  Weights are feeling snappy for the first time in a long time.  On the squat, I had my first pain free session in about 6-7 weeks.  It wasn’t heavy and it wasn’t perfect, but it was a big win.  Some things to focus on for me moving forward are to focus on staying upright and not reaching my butt back and also to lead with the top of my head in the ascent.  The last part will avoid my hips staying away from the bar for so long.  The tempo work I have been implementing will be of great help with this.



  1. Deadlift – 15×1 EMOM
  2. Bent Over Row – 4×10
  3. Meadows Row /ss Rope high Row – 3×12+15
  4. Lat Pulldown – 6×10
  5. Straight Arm Pulldown /ss face pull – 3×15+15
  6. Ab Wheel – 3×12



  1. SSB – 15×1 EMOM
  2. Bulgarian SS – 3×15
  3. GHR – 3×10
  4. KB Sumo DL from deficit – 3×20
  5. Walking Lunges – 3x50steps
  6. Stir the pot – 200reps



  1. Daily
    1. Bottoms-Up Carry – 5 trips/arm
    2. McGill Big-3
  2. Lower
    1. Sprinter Pose to RDL to Hip Airplane – 2x10ea
    2. Multi directional lunges – 2x10ea
    3. Tactical Frog with internal rotations – 2x10ea
    4. Goblet Squats – 3-5×10
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Paul Oneid

Paul is an elite level raw Powerlifter with personal bests of an 805lbs squat, 440lbs bench, 725lbs deadlift and a 1960lbs total in the 242lbs class, as well as an 800lbs squat, 430lbs bench, 700lbs deadlift and 1930lbs total in the 220lbs class. Paul brings a deep educational background to the team as he has earned Master’s degrees in both Sports Management and Exercise Science. He is a former D1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, who now works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Paul provides coaching services in the areas of training and nutrition through his company Master Athletic Performance and is also the co-founder of a technology company, 1-Life Inc. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future!
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