Paul Oneid – More Leg Volume!

I just finished a very hard weight loss phase of the off-season and lost about 25lbs.  It’s time to get back to the barbell and build my total. Derek Wilcox will be handling my training and I will continue working with Tucker to ensure that I reverse diet correctly.  My next meet will be at the end of November, raw with wraps at 220lbs.


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Wrapped up my first week of training with Wilcox and this session marked the beginning of week 2.  Week 1 was tough, but really solid from a progress standpoint.  I am improving in the areas we want me to improve on – learning the movements and being as explosive as I can be.  2 big take away for me are that I have no knee pain and I have no elbow pain.  This is new for me, especially given my injury history and previous attempts to train with a higher volume.  Now, when I say higher volume, you may shake your head and think, “Uh Paul, you did 3×10 and only 4 exercises.”  Yup, you’re right, but all 30 reps of those 4 exercises was with a meaningful and challenging load.  Take an opposite example where I ramp weights across 5 sets of 6 reps.  Still 30 reps, but only the last 2 would be meaningful loads.  I am accumulating a lot more fatigue training in the fashion I am now.

Not much to report on this session that was particularly exciting.  I did the required work and I did my best to move the weights as fast as I could.  The RPE for this session was supposed to be an 8-9 for the required reps.  To be honest, I think I undershot it slightly, but not by much.  At this point, there is no reason to push things.  Slow and steady wins the race… who am I?!  I did put my belt on today, but it didn’t fit because I am a fit chick now.  I adjusted it for the last set of squats and wore it undone on the RDL as a kinaesthetic cue to brace hard.  That is a personal favourite strategy to teach proper bracing mechanics on the main lifts.


Squat/ DL

  1. High Bar, Close Stance – 430x10x3sets
  2. RDL – 385x10x3sets
  3. Reverse Lunge – 175x10x3sets
  4. Bulgarian  – 90x10x3sets



  1. Daily
    1. Bottoms-Up Carry – 5 trips/arm
    2. McGill Big-3
  2. Lower
    1. Sprinter Pose to RDL to Hip Airplane – 2x10ea
    2. Multi directional lunges – 2x10ea
    3. Tactical Frog with internal rotations – 2x10ea
    4. Goblet Squats – 3-5×10
  3. Upper
    1. ShoulderRok – 4x10ea
    2. McGill T-Spine – 10reps
    3. Pushups – 3-5×10-15
    4. Band Pull Apart series – 2x10ea x5 positions
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Paul Oneid

Paul is an elite level raw Powerlifter with personal bests of an 805lbs squat, 440lbs bench, 725lbs deadlift and a 1960lbs total in the 242lbs class, as well as an 800lbs squat, 430lbs bench, 700lbs deadlift and 1930lbs total in the 220lbs class. Paul brings a deep educational background to the team as he has earned Master’s degrees in both Sports Management and Exercise Science. He is a former D1 Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach, who now works as a Functional Rehabilitation Specialist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Paul provides coaching services in the areas of training and nutrition through his company Master Athletic Performance and is also the co-founder of a technology company, 1-Life Inc. Stay tuned for more information on that in the future!
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