I recently tested my deadlift during Week 10 of the off-season protocol (and got a nice PR, thank you). At my last competition in March, I was given red lights for bar dipping just prior to my lockout (reference 19 posts back on my Instagram).  Because I am pretty fast off the floor, in real-time the whip of the bar does seem to go up and down once I start locking out the pull. In slow-motion, the center of the bar never dips .. it stops and moves laterally inward as I push my hips toward it. It’s the ends that seem to go up and down.  … In order to avoid this, I am looking for suggestions on smoother lockouts.  Here’s video of my recent 1RM test of my deadlift (youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra6nk0V35Ts ) … I have done rack pulls/block pulls, but I don’t think those help me me with a smoother lockout. I think the whip of the bar creates a dip from the transition of a fast pull from the floor to a slower lockout. I do a lot of GHRs, mix in paused/box squats, block pulls, started doing dimel deadlifts, and KB swings.  Any other suggestions?

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