Hello again PRS friends

In my almost 2 years of using 10/20/Life my lifts have increased by quite a bit. Thank you Brian!!!

However when I get sick or get rundown and can’t train as hard as I normally do I feel like my bench & deadlift strength stay fairly stable (within 80-90% of my best) but I feel like my squat seems to take a huge nosedive.

I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for how to help with that as I don’t want to have to “dig myself out of a hole” on a regular basis.

If it helps my usual training for it is set up in this fashion…

Tues – Squat/DL: Squats, Deadlifts (sumo or conventional stance block pulls), Leg Press, DB (or Chest Supported) Row

Fri – Squat/DL Assistance: McGill Chins, Piston Squats (or Bodybuilder style Front Squats), BB Row, BB (or DB) Shrug, Bulgarians, Single Leg RDLs, GHRs (or Back Raises w/ neutral spine)

My hamstrings are a lot stronger than my quads and I find mid range-lockout gives me the hardest time when squatting. Due to some long-standing patellofemoral issues (which are good now) that I got some initial bad advice on treating my quads are somewhat deconditioned still. As much as I want to push them harder I know I can only do so much quad work before the knees get cranky. Technique is stable and hasn’t really changed.

I hope that helps give some insight. If you have any suggestions that would be mucho appreciato.


Eric Bowman

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