I have begun using 10/20/Life to prepare for meets because I can’t trust me to program intelligently for myself.  I do everything to myself I’d never program for someone else and end up injured.  I made a list of what I wanted out of a program from intelligence of design, proven results, fatigue management, etc.  Then I went through my assembled books and yours hits the nail on the head.  So I am committed to using it through the rest of 2017 and all of 2018.  I have been bench only, but am doing the full program so I can begin competing in a full meet at least once a year starting 2019.
So here is my dilemma, my calendar of events doesn’t line up great in 2018 for the written program and am wondering what changes you’d make to weeks to fit it all in.  I will cut back on meets after this run, but Relentless and Nationals are the important ones to me and have the worst schedule conflict.

Competing Bench Only, Open and M1.  Training all 3 lifts using the 4 day/week plan. 

I am spending the next year to build a total, but focusing on single ply bench only competition in 2018. 

Off-Season Cycle into South Dakota Push/Pull (Dec. 16th)  Tentative opener is 760 in a Super Katana 

2 weeks off  (12/17-12/31) 

Contest prep cycle/peaking into South Dakota State Meet March 17, 2018 

Relentless Minnesota (early July 2018)  roughly 16 weeks after State Meet 

USAPL Bench Press Nationals (9/1/18)  roughly 8 weeks after Relentless 


After 2018, I will do one full meet per year and focus on Nationals for Bench only.  Relentless will be bench only as well. 

How would you arrange offseason/contest prep cycles for this calendar of events.  After Nationals, I’ll take the rest of the year with no contests.  I have your book.  Digital and hard copy, so if I missed where you covered this type situation or am over-thinking this, I’ll apologize in advance.

 Thanks  and sorry for writing a fucking book.  Look forward to your thoughts on this.

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