I am wondering under what circumstances that powerlifting gear might be acceptable for a high school student to wear. I primarily mean suits and shirts. My general thoughts are that gear should only be used when an athlete can perform a raw lift correctly(neutral spine, rooting to the ground, good hinge mechanics, etc..). I also feel that a certain level of strength should be attained prior to adding a suit or shirt. Am I off base here? 

I ask because I am a lifelong lifter who is now the coach of a high school powerlifting team. Our state’s high school powerlifting association has traditionally allowed geared and raw lifters compete against one another. It is currently trying to decide on whether or not it should be exclusively raw or keep it as is. They do not feel that they have the resources necessary to run two divisions simultaneously.


Thank you so much for your time, and I apologize for the novel.





Chris Henry

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