Hi all.  I’m aware that the off season chart in the book is a guide, and I understand how it’s  laid out, and I do understand the top set explanation. With that being said, I have a question concerning the programing of the main lifts.

Seems like it starts with a weight, (5×5) goes down the next week, (4×4) then de loads (and repeats).

Ex. RPE 6. 5×5-  RPE 6. 4×4- De load.

Then week 8 is supposed to beat week 4, but both PRE’s are 7, and the reps and sets are the same (understanding trying to beat by a top set).  I’m assuming the ‘beat week 4 by 5-10 lbs in week 7 is the ‘ramping up’ part of the progression.

Just don’t understandwhy week 1&2, for example are both RPE 6, but the reps and sets are lower the second week.

  1. I hope I’m making sence.  Thanks all.
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