Hello Everyone,


I originally sent this question to Brian himself but he insisted I ask it on here to see what everyone else thinks.


I am going to be building an RPE based program and just had a question in regards to the Sets/Reps and how they correlate to the designated RPEs for that workout. I know this is very very late in the game on asking this but Brian had said that I added something that wasn’t typical of this question. For example, when it says 5×5@7RPE, would that mean in 5 working sets, build up to an RPE7 or would that mean an RPE 7 for 5 sets of 5 reps? I feel like if it was just working up to an RPE 7 that the lifter would possibly be missing out on valuable volume to build up not only strength but work capacity as well. Or with the accessory movements and programming in back down sets, would that in turn build up the volume for the athlete? I hope that isn’t worded in a confusing way. haha
Thank you.

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