Team Samson Powerlifting- RPS Redemption III Meet Recap: Todd Guggisberg


Todd recently competed at the RPS Redemption III meet put on annually by Bert and Mindy Underwood. He had a pretty tough day, but gutted it out for a 1500 lbs total at 220lbs. Despite some of the mishaps, nicks, and bruises, I was very impressed with Todd’s ability to put his head down and continue working. The following is his meet recap.

Squats: Warm ups felt good. My hips, which are normally super tight, and my knee, which has always been an issue gave me no issues at all. The warm up room was hectic, but Adam Driggers, Shane Ford, Jonathan Byrd, Conrad Dove and my wife Lisa took over one oft he monolifts to make sure we all got warmed up.

Opener: 590 Lbs. White lights. Felt great, super easy and fast.

Second attempt: 630 Lbs. Turned down 2-1 on depth. Moved fast and easy, I should have been a little more patient in waiting for the up call.

Third attempt: 650 Lbs. Miss. I hindsight, I should have taken 630 again. Anger took over at missing the 630 with it feeling so light, and got the best of me. Took 650 deep, waited for the up call from Lisa, but fell backwards out of the hole.

Bench: Again, the team took over a bench to make sure we all got warmed up in a timely manner. Got warmed up, felt good, then got after it.

Opener: 340 Lbs. Good lift. Moved a little slower than I’d like, but it moved well enough to go to 370 lbs.

Second attempt: 370 Lbs. Miss. This would have been a 5 lbs PR. The bar felt light in my hands. As I was coming down, my shoulder felt like it gave out, and the bar fell the last 2 inches. I lost my arch, tried to fight it, but it was a futile attempt.

Knowing that something wasn’t right in my shoulder and lat, I passed on my third, iced and rested for deadlifts.

Deadlift: I wasn’t sure how deadlift would go, with my lat starting to bruise. I decided to warm up and see how I felt. Warm ups went well. Time to pull an opener.

Opener: 525 Lbs. Good lift. Moved fast and easy. Felt good.

Second attempt: 565 Lbs. Good lift. It moved well, but my lat was getting worse and it was affecting my grip. Time to shut it down for the day. Ended with a 15 lbs deadlift PR.

I finished 4/9 with a 1500 lbs total via a 590 lbs squat, 340 lbs bench press, and a 656 lbs deadlift.

Overall, not my best day, but I had a great time sharing the platform, with Brian Carroll, Jason Kowelewski, and Filipe Gusmao. I want to say a huge thank you to Brian Carroll, Jason Kowelewski, Shane Ford, Jonathan Byrd, Adam Driggers, Conrad Dove, and the rest of Team Samson. Thanks for all the hand offs, knee wraps, and guidance during not only the meet, but meet prep as well. Tank you to Ria Carroll, for running for food, taking video, and making sure we had everything we needed. And finally, a huge thank you to my wife Lisa, who put up with me the entire meet prep offering guidance, coaching, and encouragement. She handled me like a pro on meet day, and kept my head in the game when things weren’t going right.

It’s time for a long offseason, to attack some week points and to come in stronger for the next meet.

-Todd Guggisberg

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