Team Samson Powerlifting – Where’s Waldo?

Everyone is in offseason mode and some are working through injuries. A few of us will start a meet prep in December for a mid-February meet. Byrd, Adam and Felipe are healing, while Jason has been in three places at once, none of which were the gym. Some of us were trying to figure out if Talladega was near London.

On Saturday, Brian, Clint and Felipe used the safety squat bar and stayed with light triples. Shane and I used the buffalo bar for triples, I was breaking in new Inzer Predator briefs.

Brian, Clint and I deadlifted off of 4″ blocks. All stayed relatively light for triples. Belt squats were next for everyone followed by carries and core work.

Monday being international bench press day, we floor pressed. Shane and Felipe stayed inside for conventional benches. Clint, Brian and I worked up to 345 for triples on floor press. While everyone else started on assistance movements, Brian and I have Inzer SDP’s that need to be broken in. We did board work up to 595 and 535 respectively. Everyone then performed DB presses, and various tricep movements to finish the day.

A good week as always, but it will be nice to have a full house again soon.

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Team Samson Powerlifting

Team Samson was founded by Adam Driggers who built the Team Samson compound. Some of the biggest names in powerlifting have trained with Team Samson including Dondell Blue, Al Caslow, and Gary Frank. What began as a small group of members has grown into an accomplished team of lifters that continue to chase after new strength gains. Team Samson is made up of pro lifters Brian Carroll, Clint Smith, and Jonathan Byrd along with lifters in various stages of their lifting career including Adam Driggers, Keith Price, Filipe Gusmão, Mike Holman, Paul Key, Shane Ford, Shane Shepperd, and Tony Garland.
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