The deload quandry

Do I not feel like lifting because I need the deload or is it because I’m deloading that I don’t feel like lifting?



There’s a small group of us that’ll be competing Oct 28th at the RPS Revenant Rising in Wilmington, NC.

As always, a big thanks to Inzer Advance Designs and Captain Jacked for their continued support of TeamPRS.


I made the mistake of trying to combine 2 heavy squat/dead combo days and 2 heavy bench sessions into a 10 day period.  The first squat/dead day, as well as the bench day, felt amazing.  Coming off the deload, it all felt great.  The next squat/dead day was still good but squats were off a bit.  However deads were feeling amazing.  Worked up to a PR there and you can read about in my last log:

LCS 7 Weeks Out, Lost my squat; found my deadlift


Since then, my forearms have been almost unbearable.  The combination of squatting and benching heavy in such close proximity, was just too much.  An issue that hasn’t come up in months (or closer to a year probably) flared up immediately.  It made my last bench session impossible.  I worked up to what would be a last warm up and just shut it down.  Didn’t do anything else.  Left feeling defeated.

I do however have an amazing group of people around me to ask questions and seek advice.  I’ve gotten a lot of help and as of right now, I’m damn near pain free.  Pretty good for just a week’s turn around.  Between some “rehab” movements, training considerations, and schedule changes, I should be free of this by meet time.

It was a lot to work on over the deload but since we had a nice little hurricane blow close to us, it was a perfect time for that deload.  We spent a little time huddled in the closet when there was the potential threat of tornadoes in the area.  I think we had 3-4 in our area and potentially 2-3 water spouts.  Dangerous shit.  But we made it out safe and the city is back up and running as normal.

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