Tucker: When the going gets tough

Yikes. This was a very tough week. Overall I felt very fatigued and like I had no mental energy. I barely made it through one of my workouts a few days ago, and I felt foggy and drained all day.

I sent some pics to Noel, and things are coming in really well from the back. Glutes, hams and lower back are trimming up nicely, but I was getting pretty flat which was visible in a few of my front poses…. Muscles weren’t popping like they should and I just had a soft look despite my skin being thinner. Noel had me get a burger post workout yesterday and it made all the difference. He said no fries…. But I couldn’t resist and I had a Double Double with fries from In-N-Out last night. Especially after a leg workout it was just what was needed and I feel much better this morning.

**Glutes/hams are still looking softer than I’d like here, but the progress has been super quick over the last couple weeks so I’m hoping over the next week or recover and after some water loss they’ll look more presentable on stage.

I’ve only got 1-2 more real workouts and then It’ll just be some upper body pump and superset work to keep the muscles full and recover for the show.

I haven’t been doing as much of the warm up and prehab/rehab stuff lately, and I’ve replaced it with some cardio. I’ve been doing 15 mins of stair stepper or incline walking pre workout and it’s doing really well to warm me up. I’m still hitting some planks, single leg hip thrusts and some of the essential core stuff, but I’ll get back to my full routine when I’m done with the show and have the energy.

Cable lat pullover SS w/ neutral grip pulldown
Chest supported T-bar row
Machine pulldown
Machine high rows
Seated machine shrugs

Seated hamstring curl
Lying single leg hamstring curl
Machine squats
Vertical leg press
Single leg leg extensions

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Tucker Loken is a Bodybuilder turned Powerlifter turned Powerbuilder from Eugene, Oregon. He did his first bodybuilding show when he was still in high school, and has been training male and female competitors for shows since 2011. Several years ago he decided to take a step away from his normal routine and learn how to get strong. He worked with Brian for 9 months, added 200 pounds to his raw total and qualified as an Elite lifter in the 220 pound weight class. He returned back to bodybuilding much stronger and now incorporates the 10/20/Life philosophy into his training to keep himself healthy and making continual progress in the Big 3 as well as adding size and shaping his physique. Now part of Team PRS, he brings his unique expertise of nutritional knowledge and how to balance Bodybuilding with Powerlifting to help athletes achieve their best potential.

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