Zane Geeting, Off Season Week 9 with VIDEO

I recently competed at the RPS Northern KY Fall Throwdown, where I totaled 1720@198 raw and qualified for the XPC Finals at the Arnold Classic Sports Festival. I’m currently training 2x per week in an off season training cycle working on bringing up some weak areas before my meet prep for the Arnold begins. 


This was a good week of training, I was able to get after it a bit on the Squat and Bench. Here are some videos of my top sets of both, and some description of what I’m doing below…

Top sets of bench: 300×6 and 300×3 (RPE 7) and some dips with added chain weight.

Top sets of squat: 530x3x3 (RPE 7)

As you can see, everything went really well here. I could have done a little more on bench and stayed to the RPE, but I’m sticking to the plan and not getting greedy. Plus my shoulders are a little rough from all the work I’ve been doing on the farm. We’re hauling a lot of water in 5 gallon bucks lately, lifting them up and over fences, and I ran about 1500 feet of fence in the last week, so they’ve taken a pounding. Here’s what the rest of training looked like…

11/22/2017, Wednesday night upper training

I had to lift on Wed instead of Tues this week because I got caught up late at work Tues night. The wife and I headed to the gym around 8:30pm Wed night after we finished up farm chores. The goal of the night was to do 9 total reps around 75% of my bench max and keep the sets around an RPE of 7.

Warm up

Bird dogs, McGills, Cat/Camel, Push ups, Scarecrows, Side laterals, Hammer curls


Warmed up to 270×3, then 300×6 and 300×3 (video)


BW x 12

1 set of chain x12 (video)

2 sets of chain x8 (video)

Seal rows

4 sets of 12

Side laterals

4 sets of 12

Band pull aparts

100 total reps with a monster mini band

  • Good session here.


11/24/2017, Friday night lower training

I actually made it to the gym a few minutes early for this session (this is unheard of, btw) I’m typically so overextended that I’m 20 minutes late for life itself. That allowed me to take my time warming up and really get moving properly, felt great. The goal here was that same 75%  x9 total reps at an RPE of 7 or so.

Warm up

BW squat, Hip airplanes, Banded GM’s, Banded Cat/Camel, Glute bridges, More BW squatting


Warmed up to 480×3, then 530x3x3 sets (video)


Warmed up, then… 355x8x3 sets

Leg extensions

3 sets of 15

Leg curls

3 sets of 10-12

Calve rasies

3 sets of 15-20

Alt DB curls

3 sets of 15

  • The end. Good session, good week, and on to the next one. The off season is coming to an end, and while I feel I could have done a better job with some things, I also feel that I made some progress on the things that I needed to, and that I will be ready for a nice total PR. Another week or two to solidify the things I’ve done, then we start the meet prep cycle.


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Zane Geeting

Zane Geeting is a pro multi-ply powerlifter with best lifts of a 935 squat, 625 bench, and 765 deadlift. He is coming back to competitive PL after a year and a half layoff that was a result of several serious injuries including a severe rupture of the right pec that could not be repaired. Zane has an extremely busy schedule that would make most people quit before Friday. He works 55+ hours a week as a finance manager. As a renaissance man, he is also currently restoring a 140 year-old farmhouse and maintaining a hobby farm. Despite all this, Zane still finds time to train 2-3 times per week, as well as coach other lifters.  

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