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“A fighter has to be strong enough to control the opponent, deliver powerful punches and kicks and deal with severe impacts. After training for more than 10 years at the top of the pro-fighting and BJJ circuit, Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life method has not only addressed all of the above, but it has actually helped make my training fun again. Today I feel like I am training increasingly smarter as well as being much more mindful of technique—a winning combination for getting stronger and staying injury free."

Rafaello “tractor” Oliveria
UFC Lightweight, BJJ Black Belt and world champion


“Having spent the majority of my life playing football—from youth all the way to the professional level—my love for strength training made powerlifting a logical “go-to” sport. Little did I know, however, the stark difference between competitive lifting and strength training for sports.  From a partially torn hamstring, tricep injury, and a completely detached pec-tendon, I turned to Brian Carroll’s 10/20/Life for direction and guidance.  In less than one year working with Brian I beat my all time personal best total by 70lbs (2450) and actually accomplished this at lower body weight. 10/20/Life has completely changed the way I approach training and has ultimately saved me from remaining my own worst enemy.”

Jonathan Byrd – Strength Coach – 1000lb + squatter in
2 weight classes, former college and pro football player

CrossFit and

“There is no easy way. There is no magic pill. And there is no instant results.  What there is however: hard work, long hours, smart planning, ideal timing, optimal programming, and attention to detail.  In short, this is 10/20/Life.  Through Brian’s life experience and professional work, you get a definitive blueprint for the day-in and day-out fundamentals of incremental improvement. Brian’s accomplishments on the platform are unrivaled.  He has brought what has helped him succeed in a sport that is ever changing.  All facets of a customized personal program with 10/20/Life are covered and delivered to you in an easy-to-read, intuitive format.  If you want to make certain that you’re on the path for lifelong improvement (not just your next training block), make the effort to read 10/20/Life. You’ll thank yourself years down the road.”

Scott Paltos, Top CrossFitter, Strength Coach and
former NFL fullback.

Multiple Sports

“As a two-sport athlete, balancing the physical requirements of both competitive powerlifting and CrossFit haven’t always been easy. Overtraining and potential injury were chief concerns of mine while training for both the Crossfit Open and the Arnold Powerlifting finals in 2014. While using the 10/20/Life strength program, I was able to perform at a high level in both sports and actually finished better than the previous year in each of the events. 10/20/Life has enabled me to accomplish all-time personal bests in three consecutive powerlifting meets, while at the same time, become a much better and stronger CrossFit athlete.”

Beth Thomas – Strength Coach,
Top Powerlifter and Crossfitter in the US

Lacrosse and other contact sports

“The principles in 10/20/Life transcend powerlifting and weight training — smart programming and recovery are a critical component of every sport.  After last year’s championship lacrosse season, my body was physically worn down.  Lower back issues, Achilles pain, and shoulder problems all manifested themselves during a long summer season and 10/20/Life helped me rectify many of these issues during a productive offseason. It provided the blueprint on how to maintain strength while peaking at the right time. It also helped me better understand how and when to ramp up the intensity of training to better meet the demands of my sport. When announcers, opposing players, and spectators comment on my physical appearance and performance, I knew 10/20/Life was working.”

Nicky Polanco – regarded as one of the best defensemen
in MLL and professional Lacrosse History

Back health
and core strength

"Brian Carroll has earned his knowledge the hard way. He's got something very few authors in this genre have: content validity. He can write with authority because he is an authority. Brian's approach to training is an intellectual one that requires patience, toughness, and commitment—the same qualities that make him the "pro's pro" on the platform, and the same system that has made him one of the most prodigious lifters in the history of powerlifting. The principles he'll show you in this book are the same ones he's paid for through years spent under the tutelage of the bar."

Dr. Stuart Mcgill – Professor of Spine Biomechanics and
THE world’s authority ON lower back issues

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learn to coach


Obviously, not everyone has access to world-class coaching all the time. We can’t all train in facilities alongside a crew of great athletes, guided by coaches with decades of experience. That would be the ideal situation, but for most people, it simply isn’t going to happen. Life gets in the way of our “perfect world” scenarios, and nobody understands that better than I do.

With 10/20/Life, my objective is to teach you to get the results you want by coaching yourself—the same way a superior coach would take you through an individualized program in a great gym. We start out with a thorough examination of your weak points, because that’s how quality coaching works. The idea is to show you what to program, and when, based on your weaknesses in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This sounds simple, but it’s something most people don’t even consider, much less put into practice.

From there, the 10/20/Life system takes you through the best injury-preventative warm-up in the industry, followed by a comprehensive layout of coaching cues for each individual lift. From start to finish, you’ll learn what to look for and what to do, and you’ll learn the reasoning behind all of it. By the time you’re finished working your way through these materials, you’ll be able to coach yourself, and others, like a pro.

From there, the 10/20/Life system takes you through the best injury-preventative warm-up in the industry, followed by a comprehensive layout of coaching cues for each individual lift. From start to finish, you’ll learn what to look for and what to do, and you’ll learn the reasoning behind all of it. By the time you’re finished working your way through these materials, you’ll be able to coach yourself, and others, like a pro.

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That’s not programming, and it’s not cookie-cutter internet nonsense.
It’s coaching—real coaching—and that’s the 10/20/Life difference.


the system

With 10/20/Life, you’re going to train either three or four days per week. On the four-day plan, you’re focusing on one big lift—squat, bench press, or deadlift—per day, along with a fourth day of strict assistance work. On the three-day “combo” plan, you’ll combine days.

The plan is an easy five-step process:

  1. Choose your schedule.
  2. Determine your weak points in the main lifts.
  3. Use the Weak Point and Assistance Exercise indexes to custom design your own program.
  4. Follow the warm-up protocol listed.
  5. Determine your level of readiness, then train according to the system’s RPE plan for that day.
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Between all the weak “gurus” and unqualified CrossFit “coaches” out there, we have an entire industry filled with people telling you stuff that doesn’t work. Go on YouTube and watch some videos, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. The whole internet is absolutely permeated with bad advice, stuff that’ll have you spinning your wheels for years, and hustlers who have no business talking about how to get stronger.

I’m not a “fitness personality.” I don’t want anything to do with that crap. I want to make people stronger and get my information out there for people to learn the right way to train, but I’m not interested in becoming some kind of icon that everybody blindly follows. I think that’s weird, and I’m trying to do the exact opposite. Having a “bad@ss” attitude has nothing to do with results. I created 10/20/Life because I wanted to show people that getting stronger is what’s important in life—and not creating some kind of cool guy persona that everyone can try to be like. That’s not me.

Get the 10/20/Life
system, the Cues
and Charts


Get the 10/20/Life
system, the Cues and
Charts companions
AND Brian’s Cutting Weight Manual!


about brian

About Brian

Save 30%
Get 4 Books for $69.00 ($100 Value)

A competitive powerlifter since 1999, Brian Carroll is one of the most accomplished lifters in the history of the sport. After suffering a debilitating back injury in 2012—including several broken bones—Brian used his 10/20/Life principles, which incorporate the methods of world-renowned lower back specialist Dr. Stuart McGill, to return to competition with a 1080 pound squat at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival.

Career Highlights:

  • Holds, or has held, multiple world, national, and state records in the 220, 242, and 275 pound weight classes.
  • One of few lifters to attain a professional powerlifting total in three different weight classes.
  • One of even fewer lifters to be ranked in the top ten in three different weight classes at the same time.
  • Ranked second in the world in the 275 pound class with a total of 2730 and a historic 1185 squat—a then-world-record that, although since broken, most still consider to be the true record due to depth issues.

220 Class:

1030 squat, 633 bench, 755 deadlift
2375 TOTAL (10th best of all time).

242 Class:

1064 squat, 785 bench, 771 deadlift
2570 TOTAL (5th best of all time).

275 Class:

1185 squat, 825 bench, 800 deadlift
2730 TOTAL (3rd best of all time).

Brian has also totaled more than ten times his bodyweight in three different classes, and both bench pressed and deadlifted over 800 pounds in two different classes. In his career, he’s totaled 2500 over fifteen times. Since 2005, Brian has not slipped out of the top two in the American rankings in both the squat and total, and he’s been ranked number one in both categories at 220, 242, and 275 pounds. With 35 competition squats over 1000, spread over three different weight classes, he’s indisputably one of the best squatters of all time.