10-and-20 weeks at a time, for training and in LIFE

Attack Your Weak Points | Offseason & Peaking | Build Athletic Resilience | Build Strength For LIFE

What is 10/20/Life?

The 10/20/Life Philosophy is a life-long approach for any level of lifter or athlete. Many recreational lifters utilize the protocols in this book to have a better plan in the gym, with no plans to ever compete. On the other hand, many competitive lifters from Beginner to Pro use this approach with great success!


From The Author and creator, Brian Carroll: “With 10/20/Life, my objective is to teach you to get the results you want by coaching yourself—the same way a superior coach would take you through an individualized program in a great gym. We start out with a thorough examination of your weak points because that’s how quality coaching works. The idea is to show you what to program, and when, based on your weaknesses in the squat, bench press, and deadlift. This sounds simple, but it’s something most people don’t even consider, much less put into practice.


From there, the 10/20/Life system takes you through the best injury-preventative warm-up in the industry, followed by a comprehensive layout of coaching cues for each individual lift. From start to finish, you’ll learn what to look for and what to do, and you’ll learn the reasoning behind all of it. By the time you’re finished working your way through these materials, you’ll be able to coach yourself, and others, like a pro.”

Learn to be your own coach, attack your weaknesses and utilize a proven philosophy that is a guide to permanent success.


Foreword by Professor Stuart McGill- Professor of Spine Biomechanics & Author of “Back Mechanic”:
“Great coaches know the science of how to expand the biological limits of their athletes, and then respect those limits to avoid injury. Brian Carroll knows how to build the injury resilient and high-performance strength athlete. He has been there himself and continues to coach others to reach their potential.”

From Blaine Sumner “The Vanilla Gorilla” – IPF World Champion, IPF World Record holder and highest wilks score in powerlifting history:
“Brian Carroll has been involved in Powerlifting for nearly 20 years. His years of ‘in the trenches’ knowledge and wisdom have helped me with insights concerning my own programming, my back rehab (our stories are similar) and his 10/20/Life strength training principles are proven over and over to help keep athletes honest, healthy and strong for the long haul.”

10-and-20 weeks at a time, for a lifetime of positive momentum in training and in LIFE.


  • 20 years of research and trials distilled into this strength manual
  • Determine your purpose/phase of training
  • Choose the schedule that fits your requirements
  • Understand how to warm-up properly & efficiently with our custom warm-up index
  • Learn to be your own coach and prescribe the exercises you need
  • Determine your weak points in the main lifts. (use the coaching guide to correct form)
  • Attack weaknesses with our custom weak point index
  • Utilize a proven philosophy that’s a guide to lifetime success

10/20/Life Video Series

5-Step Process

1: Choose your schedule. (3 different)

STEP #2: Determine your weak points in the main lifts. (use the coaching guide to correct form)

STEP #3: Use the Weak Point and Assistance Exercise indexes to custom design your own program. (pick your assistance work as specified in the Weak Point index)

STEP #4: Follow the warm-up protocol listed. (4 parts, super easy and custom)

STEP #5: Determine your level of readiness, then train according to the system’s RPE plan for that day or if you’re in precontest, you go off of percentages. (this all depends on where you are in your phase of training)

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