The Only Belt Squat Proven by Science to Work The Entire Leg and Glute Musculature Like an Actual Barbell Squat

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SquatMax-MD is the only belt squat device on the market proven to activate the lower body musculature similarly to a barbell. Additionally, SquatMax was the superior choice for activating the entire lower body musculature in a Head-to-Head Belt Squat Study versus a cable and lever design.

SquatMax-MD’s patented free-weight design is where SquatMax truly shines. The ability to differentiate itself from others is anchored to a fixed point belt squat design. The design allows for an authentic free-weight squat movement that evokes the same lower body activation and neuromuscular patterns as a barbell back squat.

“The SquatMax-MD is the best belt squat product to stimulate the squat and deadlift. The difference is the direct vertical line of drive. Other lever and pulley belt squats that I have used either bother my knees or my hips- they are unnatural, with pulleys or levers that cause unnecessary shearing forces.” ~ Brian Carroll, First lifter to Squat 1300lbs

Endorsements for SquatMax-MD

Blaine SumnerFrom Blaine Sumner, “Champion of Champions” IPF world record holder and highest Wilks score in powerlifting history:

“This is the belt squat that I have ever used. It is the only belt squat where the weight travels free, not anchored by one point. So it’s most natural and specific to squatting, and presents less shear stress to the back.”

Ray Ray “Optimus Prime”Williams

“Unlike other belt squats, Squatmax keeps you glued to the floor and forces you to practice the same disciplines as a regular squat.”

Donnie Thompson:

“This is by far the best belt squat apparatus for belt squats.  Nothing comes close.”

Ed CoanFrom Ed Coan, Greatest Powerlifter of All-time:

“Way better than anything I’ve ever used.”


Use my Discount Code: BC$50 to Save $50 Off


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