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A McGill Method Certified Practitioner has training in assisting clients in reducing the risk of disabling low back pain and injury, optimizing their health outcomes, and enhancing their performance. The McGill Method Certified Practitioner has studied using information from history taking and movement assessment to better match corrective/therapeutic and performance enhancement exercises. They will also have been exposed to nuances of techniques to reduce a client’s pain.


Brian has the unique opportunity to learn, coach/teach/see clients alongside Dr. McGill (Co-author of “Gift of Injury“) over the last decade, and teach courses and seminars around the World to help others recover from a back injury.


For those interested in an in-person McGill Assessment at PRS HQ (Jacksonville, FL) here are the suggested steps:


  1. First, read Back Mechanic. Those who are visual learners will benefit from the video-enhanced version of Back Mechanic. Most people do well following the self-assessment of pain triggers, reducing the triggers, and building the foundation for pain-free activity. Ninety-five percent of patients told that surgery is their last remaining option can successfully avoid surgery following this approach. Then, those that want a mental boost to see the tenants of Back Mechanic put to use in a real-world scenario should read Gift of Injury. Gift of Injury delves into the mentality needed to beat a serious back injury and return to sport.
  2. Those seeking more athleticism will want to continue the process. As pain sensitivity is wound-down and managed, move on to the book Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. This approach has helped weekend warriors through to elite athletes to compete in golf, the majority of Olympic sports, professional sports such as hockey, football, MMA and combat sports, baseball, soccer, cycling, and professional bodybuilding and powerlifting.
  3. Book a Virtual Consultation. Even those that want to see Brian in-person must first book a virtual consultation to make sure all red flags are ruled out and that you have already started working on winding down your pain through Back Mechanic prior to coming to see Brian at PRS HQ.
  4. Unfortunately, those with complicated injury mechanisms, and or those who don’t learn well from a distance will need an in-person assessment for progressions or a hands-on thorough assessment; either way, we must start with a Virtual Consult.

What is included in an in-person McGill assessment with Brian Carroll?


  1. Identify the cause of back pain: A full assessment of your pain generators – postures, loads, exercises, and movements that cause you pain, as shown in Back Mechanic.
  2. Remove the cause of back pain: Brian then teaches you how to ‘avoid the cause or causes of your pain with customized postures and movement strategies for your specific life requirements: i.e., how to get out of bed, tie your shoes, and generally how to avoid your pain triggers to let your back pain wind down, desensitize and heal.
  3. Custom exercise program: Brian then uses the information gathered to create a custom therapeutic exercise program to help you work toward your goals again with specialized exercises, movements, and postures that don’t cause you pain.
  4. Brian also shows you how to execute ALL prescribed exercises with pristine form, including progressions and regressions (when necessary). Finally, his thoughts on your overall recovery. As well as any other suggestions he may have through his experience with his back injury recovery as documented in Gift of Injury.

Book An In-Person McGill Method Assessment


Location: PRS HQ Jax, FL

$799.99 USD


Please note this is HALF (or less depending on how many hr we go) of the payment due to reserve your appt. The remaining balance is due upon delivery of service.


Please email for pricing:

2hr In person one-on-one coaching with Brian Carroll


Location: PRS HQ Jax, FL

$499.99 USD


Anyone looking for hands-on coaching for the big-3 lifts, program design, exercise execution, programming progressions, form checks, etc. I do it all but in a minimum of 120min blocks.


Foreword by Bill Kazmaier, 3 time World’s Strongest Man:
“I implore any strength athlete, whether they are injured and at their wit’s end, or healthy and striving to achieve their best with longevity, to read this book. The wisdom in these pages has helped me and Brian Carroll, and it will help you.”

From Pavel Tsatsouline, Chairman, StrongFirst, Inc.:
“Gift of Injury is an extraordinary book that proves the adage that safety is not the opposite of performance but a part of it. Packed with priceless cues, it is a must for every serious strength athlete and coach.“

Hear What Readers Have To Say About Gift of Injury

“As a doctor working out of Pasadena, I have been studying the work of Professor McGill for the past two years. I can say with the credentials and authority of a medical insider that McGill’s teachings are light years ahead of the conventional medical approach. And I can attest to this effect from my own professional experience in the demanding domains of both pain medicine and occupational medicine. I’m now able to consistently restore bad backs with what I learned from Professor McGill’s books and courses. One intriguing aspect of Professor McGill’s clinical practice is his work with elite athletes with low back pain. Many of these athletes have seen “top” spine specialists around the world and been told they had career ending injuries. They are lost–until they find Professor McGill.

The story of Brian Carroll is one such story. It is the story of an improbable comeback from a devastating spine injury. As a world-record setting lifter, Carroll loaded his spine to extremes that boggle the imagination. When a host of injuries and excessive training and competition broke his spine down, the conventional medical establishment said all that was left for him was surgery, athletic retirement and probable lifelong disability. (For the medically inclined: he had a complete fracture of L5 with a deep split fracture in his sacrum.) The journey from that nadir, with Carroll contemplating suicide after a particularly depressing visit to a back surgeon, to his return to a champion lifter again seems miraculous.

Except it’s not a miracle–it’s what happens when science combined with clinical wisdom meets an athlete who who will not give up on the dream. Professor McGill discusses the scientific principles and specific program he used to restore Carroll to elite form. In these pages you will find a story told in alternate parts by McGill and Carroll. It is part memoir of Carroll, part primer for how the McGill method works, part instructional guide for lifting and spine recovery all told through the prism of one man’s injury. It is a story of ambition, loss, healing, friendship and overcoming the odds to become better than you ever were–after you’ve been left for dead. What is the gift of injury? The possibility of resurrection of not just a spine and a career, but of a man. This masterpiece tells you how.”

— Medical Doctor – Pasadena, CA

“It’s a brilliant, fantastic book, one that should be the standard of the fitness industry! It’s a rare book that honestly confronts, analyzes and fixes the athlete. Oh, sure, you can find books with little band stretches, mobility work and some time in the tub, but Stu McGill and Brian Carroll take us inside both the athlete’s and the therapist’s minds. Section Two alone is a book in itself; it is more of a weekend workshop showing what the best and brightest do in their approach to training.

There are so many insights throughout the book, but this little hint really made me think: Brian walked 15 minutes a day with free swinging arms before every meal as part of his back injury fix. It just struck me that this simple point was the culmination of so many tests, discussions and hands on work…and it is so simple, logical, and practical.”

— Dan John

“This book is a must have for all athletes and coaches alike, the best of its kind.”

— Ryan

“If you have suffered from back pain (as I have) and have begun to give up hope of ever getting out of pain then you MUST read this book. If anything, Brian Carroll’s story will give you hope.

The book if chock full of information and ways to take control of your life, back and pain. It’s especially geared towards the powerlifter, but I suspect most athletes can relate and will benefit from the information contained in this book. This is the kind of book you read and wish someone would have put it into your hands years ago!”

— Dan B.

Client testimonial Brian Carroll

Claudia is back pain-free and currently training to compete in physique

From Claudia: 
“I went to see Brian last July (2021). I was in pain (low back) for almost a year straight. Brian did a thorough assessment to explain how to heal my injury; He also explained the process and the importance of stepping back from lifting. I followed his guidance. For seven months didn’t touch a bar. Then, I did the same exercises for seven months to build a resilient core. Finally, 2.5 months ago, I started to lift again. I could not recommend Brian more. He is super knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. He also has a tremendous understanding of the human body and weightlifting. I am now pain-free and pushing toward competition again! Thank you, Brian!”

Sawyer back pain free

Sawyer has returned to lifting back pain and symptom-free.

Sawyer Levy: “I came to Brian about a compression fracture I got on my L3 in late February 2021 due to an accident sustained outside lifting. Reading Brian’s story in Gift of Injury drew me to seek his help. Brian helped me get on the right track with recovery, but the biggest thing was hearing from a powerlifter that had been through this before to stay away from the gym even if I thought I could continue to train. Not just hearing it from the doctor. Brian got me on the right track using the principles of the McGill method, and I am experiencing the benefits of that now. I will continue to work with Brian and recommend any powerlifter, strongman, Olympic lifter, etc., that has a back break or any back injury to do the same. Thank you, Brian.”

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