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Great coaches know the science of how to expand the biological limits of their athletes, and then respect those limits to avoid injury. Brian Carroll knows how to build the injury resilient and high-performance strength athlete. He has been there himself and continues to coach others to reach their potential.

— Professor Stuart McGill- Professor of Spine Biomechanics & Author of “Back Mechanic”

My sport history is one of eclectic taste and at one point, in my younger days, I served many masters. I have devoted living my life to exploring physically demanding contact sports as well as some of the most competitive Strength Sports in the world. After years of Muay Thai, Rugby, Powerlifting and Strongman, my dance with the devil came to an abrupt halt. Ignoring proper day to day mechanics, making bad training decisions and working through what I thought were simply nagging discomforts, I woke up one day with severe back pain, leg numbness and little to no range of motion. The freedom of life had been stripped from me. I had heard of Brian having worked closely with Dr. McGill and of how he had become a great example of rehabilitation and recovery. At first I was hesitant to work with Brian because I was afraid of letting go of my sport and I knew the discipline that this path required would be unlike anything I had faced before. Making the decision to sit down on a Skype call with Brian, adopt his 10/20 approach and start my journey on my back rehab was life-changing. To many this may sound over the top or cliché, but to those of us who have felt real injury and the isolation of back pain we know very well that the day to day demand is like no other. Having been coached by Brian for over a year now has completely reinvented my training as well as my perception as a coach and gym owner. What was prescribed to me as an “athletic death sentence” transformed into a chance to come back stronger than ever in all facets of my life and athletic career. I now sit in the driver’s seat of my comeback into Strongman as I seek to return to the national stage, compete at the world level and fight for the state title. None of these would have been possible without Brian’s calculated training, stern weekly conversations and what he would call my “Gift of Injury”.

— Michael De La Pava owner and head coach of The Battle Axe Gym
— Strongman 105kg
— Powerlifter
— Rugby Player (Miami Tridents)
— Muay Thai Fighter

For over 8 years I have leaned on Brian Carroll and the 10/20/Life philosophy. During that time even, I have added over 400 pounds to my raw total, while staying in the same weight class and quite injury free. Brian Carroll and his 10/20/Life proved itself flexible when I transitioned to multi-ply in late 2016 and continued to base my training on the same fundamental philosophies and structure. Regardless of competitive style, age or experience, I recommend 10/20/Life to any athlete looking to add strength and stay healthy. I currently boast a 2000lb raw total and a 2400 equipped total at 242. I highly suggest those who have doubts to seek Brian’s coaching wisdom to take you to the next level.

— Dan Dalenberg – Engineer and Top Raw and Equipped Powerlifter

Prior to working with coach Brian Carroll and using his 10/20/Life philosophy, my best competition lifts were a 220 squat, 115 bench and a 250 deadlift at 114 with a 585 raw total. I sought out Brian Carroll as a coach after a bad meet in 2014 where I went 3-9. Using Brian’s expert ‘coaches eye,’ I started to build confidence as a lifter and changed my mental approach to training to work smarter, not harder. Since May of 2014, my best raw competition lifts increased to a 363 squat, 186 bench and a 402 deadlift with a 936 total at 114lbs. I also recently started competing in multi-ply and accomplished an 1118 total in the 123 weight class. Both raw and multi-ply totals currently rank me as a top five all time in both raw and multiply divisions. I have increased my raw total by 54% and remained 100% injury free since starting with Brian and applying 10/20/Life philosophy to my training.

— Lisa Guggisberg – Trial Paralegal and Top Raw and Equipped Powerlifter

As an anesthesia physician and sole breadwinner in my late 40’s, it is important for me to stay physically fit. However, any sports or recreational activity that I pursue must carry a high degree of safety. Getting injured, especially your hands, could be a big problem. While browsing the internet I found an ad about 10/20/Life and became interested. I reached out to Brian and through his coaching and book I’ve never felt safer and/or injury free, and I’ve been able to create a program for myself that adjusts to my busy schedule. Now I feel stronger than in my twenties in less than two years.

— Jose Rios – Recreational Lifter, Anesthesia Physician

A testament to Brian Carroll’s coaching ability to build resilience in an athlete once again. An extensive injury history would be an understatement: ACL, MCL, both Meniscus, a complete Pec-major rupture, with multiple doctors telling me to give it up, I’m still going after hitting my best total of 2500lbs at 275. Brian’s programmed deloads, weak point training, and offseason training has helped rejuvenate my approach to lifting. Brian’s 10/20/Life and coaching philosophy have allowed me to not only improve my total, but complete 10 1k+ squats over 3 different weight classes.

— Jonathan Byrd – Special Needs High School teacher – 1000lb squats in 3 weight classes

I’ve been training with Brian and the 10/20/Life principles since May 2015.  Immediately I felt stronger and healthier as I was using a more cerebral approach to lifting with Brian bringing a very focused and targeted approach to attacking my weaknesses. Six months later I competed at WPC Worlds where I increased my raw deadlift by 35 lbs. Only 9 months later, after converting back to competition, I put 15 lbs on my equipped squat and 30 lbs on my deadlift! Most of all – I prepare and compete smarter than ever before.

— Rachel Zipsie – Lifter, Coach and Vice President Retail Operations and Technology, FTD.

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