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“Great coaches know the science of how to expand the biological limits of their athletes and then respect those limits to avoid injury. Brian Carroll knows how to build an injury-resilient and high-performance strength athlete. He has been there and continues to coach others to reach their potential.”

— Professor Stuart McGill- Professor of Spine Biomechanics & Author of “Back Mechanic”

Herniated disc L4-L5, herniated disc L5-S1, and nerve impingement led to the back of my leg and foot becoming numb for a year. Chiropractic care, acupuncture, 3 rounds of steroid injections…next step was a surgical procedure. I hadn’t been active in sports, lifting, or wresting with my kids for that long. Messes with you psychologically. Divinely, I was introduced to Brian and was able to give him an elevator pitch of what I had going on. I was not a candidate for surgery(most people aren’t, they’re just told they are), and he could help is what he told me. After reading his books, 10/20/Life and The Gift of Injury, I found that Brian walked through the same issues as I was. This dude practices what he preaches/teaches, daily. I’ve gone from literally army crawling across my house to again running on baseball and football fields with my kids. The buy in to Brian’s knowledge, program, and his willingness to help is beyond worth it. It’s life changing.

— Mo T. Pain-free Father and Husband

For over 8 years I have leaned on Brian Carroll and the 10/20/Life philosophy. During that time even, I have added over 400 pounds to my raw total, while staying in the same weight class and quite injury free. Brian Carroll and his 10/20/Life proved itself flexible when I transitioned to multi-ply in late 2016 and continued to base my training on the same fundamental philosophies and structure. Regardless of competitive style, age or experience, I recommend 10/20/Life to any athlete looking to add strength and stay healthy. I currently boast a 2000lb raw total and a 2400 equipped total at 242. I highly suggest those who have doubts to seek Brian’s coaching wisdom to take you to the next level.

— Dan Dalenberg – Engineer and Top Raw and Equipped Powerlifter

I reached out to Brian after having two herniated discs in my back and being in constant pain. I had been to doctors and physical therapists, but my pain never fully disappeared. After the doctor told me I would never lift heavy again, I was in a bad place mentally and decided to reach out to Brian.

From the beginning, Brian was positive and assuring that he could not only get rid of my pain but could help get me back to lifting. He did a great job of laying out what to expect and what would be expected of me. His guidance was clear and concise, and he was always available if questions or problems arose.

After six months, Brian had me completely out of pain and was helping me work towards gaining back my strength. He was especially great to work with during this time as he clearly explained what was changing and what I still needed to pay attention to regarding returning back pain.
Fast forward a year post-injury, I was out of pain and had a new PR on all my lifts. Through Brian’s coaching and help, my lifts significantly improved beyond where they were pre-injury.
Deadlift: 50-pound PR
Squat: 60-pound PR
Bench: 30-pound PR

— Collin Sorenson, pain-free powerlifter

Brian is extremely professional. Very intelligent and knows so much about physical wellness. I recommend you read Gift of Injury. It makes you appreciate and respect putting in the work to rehab your body and get back to a pain-free functional life. I have worked with Brian for several years on diet, rehab, and powerlifting.

— Jennifer Gross, Masters powerlifter, pain-free client

I came to Brian about a compression fracture I got on my L3 in late February. He helped me to get on the right track with recovery, but the biggest thing was hearing from a powerlifter that had been through this before to stay away from the gym even if I thought I could do a few exercises. Not just hearing it from the doctor.

Brian got me on the right track using the principles of the McGill method and I am experiencing the benefits of that now. I will continue to work with Brian and recommend any powerlifter, strongman, Olympic lifter, etc. that has a back break to do the same.

— Sawyer Levy, pain-free client and powerlifter

I have been working with Brian for about a year now. I’ve had daily back pain with two herniated discs for several years, and about 3 to 4 times a year, I would pull my back out and be down for three or four days. I started working with Brian and read his book, Gift of Injury. Within a couple of weeks of following Brian’s instructions on daily movements and doing the exercises he instructed me to do, I was almost pain-free. After a couple of months, I was pain-free with just a little pain in the mornings. Working with Brian has completely changed my outlook on my back. I pretty much just convinced myself that I would not be able to function or do things I used to be able to do anymore because of my back issues. Now I am confident that as long as I continue to follow Brian‘s instructions and training, I will not be hindered from doing certain things because of my back. My wife and I have also used Brian‘s CBD balm and Roll on. My wife has issues with her feet from prior surgeries, and I have had shoulder problems for many years. Once I apply the balm or roll-on, the pain is diminished within a matter of minutes. Brian is a life saver! I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend working with him and using any of his CBD products! You will not be disappointed!

— Shane Chaddock Pain-free father and Husband

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